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5/11 Pedee News: Arlene Kovash

May 10, 2011

Monday morning, May 2, a log truck slid into the ditch on Pedee Creek Road and would have tipped over except that the two trailers were leaning into a telephone pole. Jerry Mentzer took his cat down to stabilize the trailers while the logs were being loaded onto another truck.


Pedee has a "new" resident. Pam Burbank moved into her father-in-law Aaron Burbank's old house on Gage Road. She is glad to be back in Pedee.

Pam grew up in Airlie, then married Lonnie Burbank and lived in Pedee until he attended George Fox University. She and Lonnie came back to Pedee in 2002, when Lonnie came to pastor Pedee Church. Pam moved to Dallas after Lonnie died of a long illness in 2009.


Judy Guida and Lynda Schnekenburger stayed at Eagle Crest Resort near Redmond the first week in May, where they scrapbooked, sewed, hiked, swam, beaded, worked on a braided rug, read, and enjoyed the sunshine. I (Arlene) joined them for three days of scrapbooking and hiking.

Eagle Crest is becoming quite a community of its own, with a motel, homes, condos, a sports center, athletic fields, several swimming pools, and shops.


Pedee Memorial Evangelical Church's men's retreat will be May 27-29, near Lakeview.

The men plan to carpool to Lakeview at noon on Friday, with possibly a car going after work. They will be staying at Keith Barnhart's bed and breakfast and will be served a steak barbecue on Saturday night. There will be a choice of tent camping or staying in a cabin.

Activities will include sage rat hunting (sage rats are destructive rodents, much like moles, that devastate Eastern Oregon crops, and farmers appreciate the help eradicating them), horseback riding, and music, stories and devotions around a campfire.

The cost will be determined by the number of participants. Call Pastor Mitch Lee, 503-838-2129, to sign up.


Pedee Church is hosting its monthly community potluck on Thursday, May 12. This month we are featuring casseroles, so bring your favorite. Dinner will be at 6:30 p.m. in the church basement.


During the Pedee Church service on Sunday, April 30, Suzanne Burbank announced that I will become a great grandmother in December, as Dave and Suzanne's son, Brennan, and his wife, Callie, are expecting a baby. No mention of Dave and her becoming grandparents, though, even though that will probably happen, too. Brennan and Callie live in Independence. He is graduating from Oregon State University in June.