Rickreall Flea Market

 Rickreall Flea Market

 I attended a Polk County Fair Board meeting Aug. 17. People living in Polk County should attend just once for another learning experience in life!

 My husband and I have been flea market dealers for 10 years. When I heard Rickreall Flea Market operated by Pam and Butch Hassler for 20 years may not happen because the fair board wanted other experienced flea market managers to make bids on this business, I was devastated.

 The fair board said that no one should have a monopoly on this business. Since when can a private business just be taken over by the highest bidder only because it leases a building from the county 10 months out of the year? I believe in change but this is not a good change.


Jennie Gouthier


West Salem



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