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'Harry Potter'

I am sick to death of hearing how "Harry Potter" is ruining the children of the world.

Unlike some adults, the children know this is all make believe. My granddaughter has read the books and I took her to see the movie.

I have to yet to see her fly through the air on broomsticks or wear invisible cloaks.

And in reference to Ruth Lee, we are all going to stand before the throne of judgment, but it sure isn't because of Harry Potter.

Sue Devault


Sheriff's office

Polk County has finally come back alive with some quality police work.

Our Polk County Sheriff's Office has proved to be an exemplary organization under the direction of Sheriff Bob Wolfe.

The young deputies who are under Sheriff Wolfe's direction are stars in the crown of Polk County. No longer do the outlying areas of the county wait in "hope" of an officer showing up. They are there for us.

We here in Falls City appreciate it. Thank you, Sheriff Wolfe, Lt. Richard Manning and all the men and women who lay their lives on the line for us out on our roads and byways daily.

Glenda Williams,

Falls City Neighborhood Watch

Rollins decision

As members of the Dallas High School teaching staff, we feel a need to express our support for the administration, superintendent and Dallas school board in their recent decision concerning Scott Rollins.

Some of us have come from other school districts and feel we are lucky to work in a school district that has a good line of communication between staff and administrators. Working for Principal Scott McLeod and Superintendent Dave Novotney for the past four and a half years has been a pleasure.

They both are fair and compassionate in dealing with staff, students and parents.

They listen to all aspects of a situation before making a decision and we as a staff feel that we can approach them at any time if we disagree and can discuss our point of view.

As a community, we have hired our administrators and voted on our school board to do a sometimes unpleasant job that requires difficult decisions.

We expect them to look at all sides of the issues and then make the appropriate decision.

When the process works, we need to be willing to accept their decision and move on.

We expect them to do the job. We need to respect the fact that they will make the right decision. Sometimes some of us will agree and some of us will disagree with their decision.

It's time to pull together as a community and pick up the pieces to move ahead. We have outstanding students, staff and administrators.

We also have a great community that supports all of our school activities, whatever they may be.

We hope that we can set aside our differences and pull together as a community. This is why we chose to live here with our families and teach at Dallas High School.

John Beck

(and 37 other teachers)

Dallas High School


I am writing in regards to the upcoming spring musical for Dallas High School, "Godspell."

"Godspell" is a musical about the life of Jesus Christ. He is introduced to the other characters and forced to prove He is the risen Lord.

In my opinion, this genre of musical theater in public schools borders on the line on the separation of church and state. Some of the religious topics may offend some individuals.

There are so many secular or nonreligious shows that high school students can perform, even musicals that would not infringe on anyone's personal beliefs.

Granted, I understand that this same show was done about 10 years ago in Dallas High School and it has been said that "Godspell" has been done in every high school in the country, at least once.

With today's views on trying not to offend people of other nationalities or faiths, it would be easy for us to say, "Well, if you don't like the topic, don't come," but Dallas High's theater is a public theater on a school campus.

In my opinion, this would not be fair to the students that wish to participate in Dallas High theater where their personal views conflict with the production and are morally forced to not try out.

Students have little or no say in what shows get chosen, which by the way is done a year in advance by the directors and school administrators.

In my experience, on every opening night, we are told something along the lines of, "This is your show. You made it what it is."

Well, if that is true, shouldn't students be allowed some input as to what shows are chosen for the students to participate in?

Some may argue that "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" tipped the scales on religion in schools.

While yes, the show was about the birth of Jesus, it was about a mother who got suckered into directing the yearly Christmas pageant and all the obstacles in her path.

It was in not real way "preachy" or non-inclusive of other religions, nor was it an accurate portrayal of the birth of Christ.

I have friends who thought the show was totally non-offensive as a comedy, whereas this show, "Godspell," tends to be more often categorized as a serious drama.

As I mentioned, I'm not the only one who is concerned, and because of these concerns, I did not try out for this show (despite my passion for theater and the performing/visual arts).

Some of us feel that it's just not appropriate for a public school environment.

While "Godspell" is an excellent play, we believe it just shouldn't be done on a public school campus.

I and others only hope that we can pick quality shows in the years to come with a noncontroversial/nonreligious theme that are still a positive learning experience for all involved -- cast, crew or audience.

Ben Jones



When you talk about "The Boys of Summer," you can't help but think of warm cloudless evenings, small baseball parks with green infields and the game -- played for the pure joy of good competition.

American Legion Baseball is all these things and more. In fact, it may be baseball in its purest form. No huge salaries, no endorsements, just the chance to play baseball, the chance to be seen by a scout, a chance to be with friends or a chance to play your final game and say goodbye to a sport that has been such a large part of your life for so many years.

In Dallas, Polk County Baseball Boosters, Inc., along with area supporting sponsors, are providing baseball players the opportunity to accomplish some or all of these things. Although it is a long time until the first pitch of the American Legion season, we are working hard to find ways to fund this program.

We would like to thank Kathy and Ray at North Dallas Bar & Grill who have joined forces with us and offered to donate a percentage of their profits each Monday for a year to our program.

Way to go guys!

So every Monday night for the next year, we encourage you to go out, have a great dinner, relax and help support Dallas American Legion Baseball all at the same time. North Dallas is doing their part, so "step up to the plate" by sitting down with a plate at North Dallas!

Mike Lough,




Post office

Many thanks to our wonderful Dallas Post Office employees who have cheerfully and efficiently helped us to get our holiday packages mailed, our stamps purchased, our delivery problems resolved and our boxes filled in a timely manner.

This post office certainly understands the meaning of "customer service."

Please remember to thank the counter staff when you're in. A smile and word of appreciation sure go a long way this holiday season.

Marlene E. Haugland


War's end

Since the rapid collapse of the Taliban, the world's attention now must shift to the relief of suffering of the Afghan people.

The United Nations seems to be working with the Afghan leaders to establish a transitional government, but needs the support of the United States, European and other fortunate nations.

We must now use our resources to safely distribute food, shelter, warm clothing and medicine to this beleageured nation.

It is time for a new Marshall Plan for this region, funded in part by the West and in part by wealthy oil-exporting countries in the Islamic world. Afghanistan must not be abandoned as it was after the Soviet invasion.

What are the United States' plans for the next phase of war on terrorism?

Washington warriors are calling on taking out other groups.

Do we have an open-ended list of enemies? Can we now end our bias toward Israel over Palestine? Can we end our sanctions against other countries?

Former President Carter termed the gap between the rich and poor by far the most important single problem in the world. We can start making peace on earth by being peaceful.

George Gordon


Child care service

If the Ghost of Christmas Present had glided along the hallways at Dallas High School Dec. 15, he would have been very pleased.

The holiday spirit of generosity and selflessness, along with laughter and fun, was everywhere, thanks to the Dallas High School Leadership team.

The students launched a wonderful holiday service this year that our family throughly enjoyed -- free babysitting. While our 6-year-old was treated to board games, cookie decorating, crafts, holiday movies and a real treasure hunt, my husband and I were able to shop all day for Christmas gifts.

The end result was a happy holiday memory for our son and for us. Plus we were able to buy more gifts because of the money we saved on babysitting.

This is the kind of sharing and consideration for others that make Dallas such a great place to live. It's also a fine example of the kind of leadership and creativity Kathy Voves teachers her students.

Thanks to all and a Merry Christmas,

Virginia Henderson



I would like to thank the Polk County fire departments for their hard work and rapid response in getting my fire out at my shop.

I would like to let everyone know that we have got some great people that work for the fire departments.

Thanks again for everything.

Kenneth and Sally Stinson



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