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Respect from police

I am writing regarding the article "Police Launch Sting Series" that was on the front page of the Itemizer Observer on Jan. 31.

I am a resident of Independence and have noticed that many drivers don't stop to let pedestrians cross the street. It is true about Main Street being hazardous especially for our children.

That article does give correct statements regarding our community except they forget one item. After walking around town on many occasions, not once has a police officer stopped to give me the right of way. After talking to many other friends, they also have never been given that privilege from a police officer of Independence.

Now that the officers did that sting operation, maybe they should take that same advice and set an example to all drivers.

Think about it. How many times have you walked around town and have been given the right of way to cross a street by a police officer?

The Independence Police Department should look at themselves to see what example they are setting for our community.

Susan Castle


Highway 22

I'd like to respond to Mr. Jeschke's letter to the editor "Just Don't Need Highway Improvements" in the Jan. 24 issue of the Itemizer Observer.

Mr. Jeschke has obviously never tried to cross Highway 22 from Greenwood Road.

I live on Greenwood Road, and believe me, it's very difficult to cross Highway 22.

Every time I am waiting to get across the highway I think to myself, "How on earth do school buses, farm equipment, etc., get across here?" I feel like I'm taking my life in my hands every time I try to cross.

I just hope a school bus full of kids doesn't get hit before something is done about this horrible traffic hazard.

Bertha Bartel


From the Landers

It has been five months since my family moved from your wonderful town. We lived in Dallas for nine short years and can't go one day without a remembrance. We are grateful for all that Dallas offered us and miss your very much.

Thank you to the wonderful town, businesses, schools, friends, fire department (small house fire contained by the experts), police…everyone who makes things happen and run smoothly. What a great place to raise my family and get "started" in life.

Thanks to Dave Voves, Dallas School District superintendent, for giving me a chance to learn and grow as an educator. Bridgeport, Rickreall, Pedee and Whitworth Elementary schools have a special place in my heart and are missed greatly. Most of my time was spent at Whitworth and Rickreall and they are awesome schools.

I left the best, most supportive, friendliest staff I'll ever work with. You people are incredible, thank you for everything!

I'm grateful to Dallas High School, Paul Oliff, Mike Maghan and Grant Boustead for allowing me to pursue my passion as a wrestling and football coach. I gave a lot of myself to those programs but the student athletes, fellow coaches, Dallas Booster Club, Dallas Quarterback Club, Dallas Mat Club and Dallas Wrestling Fan Club, made it all happen.

Without the support of the amazing businesses and citizens of Dallas, success would have been limited. I was truly blessed with wonderful athletes who had a drive to succeed and super parent support. You people made it happen, I merely steered the ship and offered support. I failed many times and learned from my valuable experiences. Thank you!

I miss my extended family (wrestling community) more than you'll ever know. This has been a very trying time for us as we struggle daily with memories and a little homesickness. I know that things have been hard this season and I wish you all the best of luck as the season reaches its end. Be positive and expect the best!

Steve, Heidi, Tyler and Bradley Lander


Stop the RPS plan

We need to stop the Regional Problem Solving (RPS) fiasco now, or we are in clear and present danger!

Polk County commissioners want to sign a RPS agreement to take in the Willamina School District with a "sovereign" nation, The Grand Ronde Tribe. I believe the legal ramifications can be serious, maybe disastrous.

It is simple. A "sovereign nation," and there are many, within our United States can only serve to divide at the least.

Question: who put tribal government on the list of institutional options? By what authority ? What enabling statute? What constitutional provision?

Where are the safeguards for us, the true citizens of the area, that are willing to support our government by paying property and income taxes?

Why did Polk County commissioners pass a resolution in 1995 against the federal government imposing a 34 percent income tax on the casino?

Individual freedom cannot exist where those who hold political power can confiscate property at will -- Thomas Sowell.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

Get informed. A good source is www.unitedpropertyowners.org.

The hearing is at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, March 14 at the Polk County Courthouse. Call and ask for the full disclosure on the RPS Plan.

Darrell Mahuran

Grand Ronde


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