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Thanks from Willamette

This is a letter to our Dallas community: As you may already know, Willamette Industries is currently fighting to remain independent in the face of a hostile takeover attempt by the Weyerhaeuser Company.

In a previous letter to you, we explained why this offer dramatically undervalues our unique company and its exciting future. We also expressed our sincere appreciation for the support we have received from the communities in which we operate.

Typical of this support is a resolution from the Polk County Board of Commissioners stating the commissioners' opposition to Weyerhaeuser's hostile actions.

The Board of Commissioners recognizes the significant role Willamette plays in this great community and commends our contribution as one of the county's leading employers and second largest taxpayer. The commissioners also note our proven leadership in sustainable timber management and the impact upon the environment that any change in ownership might bring.

An example of our commitment to Polk County is the $8 million dollar renovation of the Dallas Sawmill. Roger Jordan, the city manager, and his staff have been extremely supportive of this undertaking, and I would like to extend our thanks for their help.

Our fight for independence could take months, even years, before it is resolved, but with your support, we hope to continue playing a significant role in this community.

Once again, I'd like to thank you and wish you all the best for the coming year.

Mark Elston

Dallas Division Manager

Willamette Industries

Thanks for warmth

The Darr 4-H Club wishes to express a big thank you to all those who donated socks, hats, mittens, gloves and sweaters to those in need in the local community. You helped to make someone's life a little brighter and warmer during these cold days of winter.

Also to the great staff at Starlite Lanes Bowling in Dallas for serving as a "drop site" for these items. God bless and keep you and happiest of new year wishes!


4-H Club


Thanks from parish

We would once again like to thank your parish family for their generous donations of time, food, money, and gifts that helped make our ninth annual Christmas Day dinner a success.

We would also thank those in the community who came to help setup, serve and clean up. An extra special thanks to Bert's Family Restaurant, Bi-Mart, Bollman's Funeral Home, Dallas Foursquare Church, Dallas IGA, Dancing Oaks Nursery, H-2-O, Ixtapa Mexican Restaurant, Hank Kliever's Floor Covering, Inc., Knights of Columbus, Safeway Food and Drug, Tony's Place, WAL-MART, Windermere/Western View Properties, and Willamette Industries for their generous donations that helped make it possible to serve so many.

We thank the Itemizer Observer and KWIP radio station for helping us with publicity.

This "traditional" dinner is a blessing to all involved as we feel the love, joy., and gratitude of those who may have spent the day alone -- or without a meal.

Thank you and God bless!

Social Concerns Committee

St. Philip Catholic Church


A lesson in giving

I recently worked at WAL-MART for the holidays. My last day was just after Christmas. I had a customer come in and he was a hearing impaired young man. He was buying a book for himself. He was using his debit card and it would not go through. He tried two or three times and it still wouldn't go through.

Well, standing in line was a young couple about 20 to 21 years old. The young woman asked him in sign language if he had any other way of buying the book. The guy replied "no" and started to walk away. The young man standing behind him asked me how much the book was. I said $10.45, he said, "okay put these two items back and put the book with my things."

He made his purchase and caught up to the guy and handed him his book. I looked over and saw the biggest smile on this young guy's face. They shook hands and walked out. The moral of my telling this to you is the young man that made the purchases is one of the young people in our community. I went to school with him. I do believe his name is Brandt.

I also believe that if we had more people like him this world would be a better place.

It's not the fact that he spent the money on the guy, it's the fact that he acknowledged somebody's wants or need before his own. I'm happy to say that there are people like this one out there, but I'm sad to say that there's not enough of them.

I also want to say thank you to this man. You know who you are. And to this young man's parents -- you did a great job!

Amber Gilbreath


Thanks from Whitworth

Our community family once again came through during this holiday season. While the following indicates what was done for Whitworth, many of those mentioned helped the entire Dallas School District and community.

Tyco and its employees came through with 300 (155 for the Dallas district) wrapped food boxes with gift certificates for the meat portion of the gift sharing in our local community.

Dallas High School's "tree of giving" again provided gifts for 34 children and the wood and metal shop classes made neat gifts as well. The Trinity Lutheran faith family also helped again with gifts for 16 children. We also received food boxes and gifts from Troop 159 Girl Scouts, Pack 24 Cub Scouts and our local U.S. post office employees.

Along with all of those mentioned, we had many community individuals and Whitworth staff who also gave to add cheer to this holiday season. Thanks to the McAllasters, Johnsons, Caseys, Lockes, Solomons, Scofields, Nelsons, Wagner, Johnstons, Davis', Ellingsons, Wetters, Lehmans, Sharps, Dallas High students and staff, Sherri Fobert, Linda Ott and Polly Arklander.

To the students of Whitworth -- congratulations and thanks for 1,434 pounds of food donated this year. You are all great citizens and will add much to our community in the future.

Thanks to all of you and anyone I missed. What a community. Indeed as I've said before, we are blessed.

Art Fox, Counselor

Lynn Hurt, Principal


AMVETs appreciation

Local AMVET Post No. 1776 wishes to give thanks to everyone who participated in our holiday fundraisers, including the Monte-Carlo Night, Veteran's gifts, children's gifts and food baskets.

We wish to thank those who helped with food basket delivery including Ruth Stryker, Florence Gornick, Donna Ainsworth, Lynn and Billy Rounds, Les and Patty Ross and their sons Toby and Steven, Jim and Ruth Williams, Pepper Drew and Frank Galloway. A special thanks to Mike Johns for his extra help.

It takes everyone working together to assemble more than 52 food baskets. Thank you to Coy Cosey for his donation of the fantastic peanut brittle.

AMVET Post No. 1776


Goat torture and dry town

Two comments: The goat torture case is a disgrace.

These evil beings should be punished to the full extent. There is no excuse for this type of action and I hope you will keep a close watch on this case.

The first thing that should happen is that they secure another pygmy goat for this little boy. The second thing is that they should be treated with the same disregard as they gave this little creature. I know what I would do for them.

The second comment:

Let's keep Monmouth dry. Is it written into the donation of land for the college that if the town goes wet that the college must pay for the donated land. I pay taxes, income and property, that I do not wish to add this type of expense.

I cannot believe that having alcohol in this town would be for the good. This was not the only reason Caldwell went out of business. He was advised when he took over this market that the idea of alcohol in this town was dangerous. Look what happened to the previous owner before the Caldwells. Or have you advocates of alcohol forgotten or never knew?

I would hope that there are enough of us who do not wish to see this go into effect. There are other places very close that can serve your bad habit. Can't we keep these young people away from that stuff as long as we can? You adults can serve your own needs somewhere else, and you do.

Barbara Walker


Don't support Ashcroft

I believe it is time for every fair-minded Caucasian, Hispanic, Oriental and Indian citizen to stand up and against the appointment of a person who has persistently stood against fair and equal treatment.

I would qualify myself as a moderate reformist. I would have voted for John McCain, had the Republican Party allowed him to be chosen or even had he gone third party. I believe Bill Bradley would have been a better Democratic presidential choice rather than Gore.

As a student at Western Oregon University, I am beginning to learn even more about the importance of our fragile ecosystem. As I watch the farewell ceremonies for President Clinton as they happened in Virginia on Jan. 5, I remember that President Clinton has accomplished more with regards to race relations than all the presidents, less Lincoln and Truman.

How proud I feel to be an American where a man can hold the highest office in the land, be attacked legally for eight solid years, and can hold his head high and maybe say, I did the best I could.

Now George W. Bush wishes to have former Missouri senator John Ashcroft elevated to the position of United states Attorney General. Ashcroft did not even win re-election in his own state because of the unpopular views he had stated in his past. His view against civil rights legislation, and against a continued freedom for all races is known. I as a Christian, can not in good faith support this nomination so I have called friends and written you.

I hope your readers agree that race relations are more important than the electoral college, the popular vote, and maybe even the budget. I believe senators Smith and Wyden want to hear everyone's voice against this nomination.

"David Lee" Hall



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