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Truly a blessing

Amber, thank for you for sharing "the story of giving" with our community in your letter last week.

The young couple involved that day at WAL-MART was Brandt Booth and Tracy Colton. We are the grandparents of Brandt and are very proud, needless to say, of both of them.

We all know holidays are about caring and giving. However, Brandt and Tracy touch many lives and do something special for someone every day unknowingly and never ask for anything in return. We wish to express our love and gratitude to them.

You are truly a blessing and we are happy to have you as a part of our lives and our community. We love you, Brandt and Tracy.

Lori and Dick Shaw


Be wary of "tax cuts"

President-elect Bush is downgrading our economy trying to push his tax cut plan. We all dislike high taxes but big tax cuts made at the wrong time, and for the wrong reasons, won't benefit the U.S. economy.

Greenspan suggests that the first thing to be done with the surplus is to pay down the debt, another way to return money to the people. This would reduce debt service spending, lower interest rates, and stimulate business investments which has been the drive behind our past economic boom.

The best alternative to a large tax cut is for smaller tax cuts while simplifying the tax code. This would encourage investments while the "Fed" has room to keep cutting interest rates. We need to remind ourselves the tax cuts proposed benefit mostly the wealthy.

We should be careful that we do not talk ourselves into a recession. How many of us remember the days of Herbert Hoover and the Great Depression. Our economy is still in good shape. Let's keep it that way.

George Gordon


Thanks from H-2-O

H-2-O -- Help and Hope to Others -- would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the people of Polk County.

Since its modest beginning as a two person operation in 1989, H-2-O has been blessed by the generosity of individuals, businesses and church groups throughout the community. This generosity enables H-2-O to help meet the needs of Polk County communities as well as assist needy individuals in surrounding areas and even worldwide in times of disaster.

During the last year, 2,331 individuals have received emergency food boxes from H-2-O. Organizations similar to H-2-O have receive more than 530,000 pounds of food items.

The Helping Hand Program of H-2-O has assisted 800 individuals for more than $30,000 in household items, clothing and linens at no cost to those individuals. The biweekly food distribution days served more than 49,000 individuals.

Meeting the overall needs of fire, flood and crisis victims requires a large assortment of household items in addition to food goods. Storage of these items is an ongoing concern for H-2-O. This last summer the organization was able to purchase land adjoining the present storefront facility -- the goal being to someday be able to build a large warehouse for storage of donated items and to house the food program. That day has come sooner than envisioned.

Due to losing our rented warehouse space, we are being forced to build soon on the new lot. Once again H-2-O will grow to be better able to serve the community at large.

So, thanks again for all of your support during the previous years. Our hope is as we grow and change this year -- our friends and supporters will help us continue to meet the ever-increasing need for assistance within our communities.

Agnes M. Clemons


There is a Santa Claus

Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus.

Thank you to the following businesses who put up trees with tags suggesting gifts to be donated: West Coast Bank, First Security Bank, WAL-MART, Safeway, Valley Community Hospital, Dallas IGA, Bank of America, Rite-Aid Focal Point, and to the generous people of the Dallas area who donated gifts.

Thanks to McMullin Chevrolet, Karen Arvidson, Dr. Hoda and staff, First Security Bank, Salt Creek Baptist Church, Valley Bookkeeping, Polk County Human Services, First Christian Church, Perrydale School, Dept. of Public Safety, Standards & Training, Rebecca Reber Fellowship Group, Voicestream Wireless, Oak Grove Grange, Siletz Trucking, and First Presbyterian Church.

Thanks also to all those who helped with the collection and distribution of gifts: Dallas High School Leadership Class, and Faith Free Evangelical Youth Group, Floyd Hubbard and Lynn Anglin.

To Curt Lamb and his crew who collected, filled and distributed food baskets -- thank you.

All of you made it possible for families of the Dallas area to have a Merry Christmas.

Mid-Willamette Community Action

Polk County Volunteer Coordinator

Family Resource Network

Salvation Army


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