Stories for March 2001


Wednesday, March 28


VCH nurse urges support of NW Medical Teams

Marie Davis of Dallas recently returned from the Democratic Republic of the Congo in central Africa. The trip was her 31st with Northwest Medical Teams, an organization that provides medical assistance to impoverished people all over the world

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Motivational speakers Jon Pritikin, Donnie Moore and Joey Steelman descended upon Central High School with a bang. Several bangs, actually.

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Mother Oaks helps young people heal

Visitors to Mother Oak's Child Center for Grieving Children might expect to find high school students getting counseling. They would also find students there doing the counseling.

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Wednesday, March 21


A world of Art

Curious thing about Dan Cannon's house in Monmouth. There are no windows in the front. He likes it that way. He has no reason to look out. After all, what is there to see besides the street?

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Special acknowledgments

The Polk 1 Firefighters Association gave out the following awards during its annual Firefighter Appreciation Banquet at Western Oregon University March 17.

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Winning Recipe

If high school students cooking brings to mind visions of stirring packets of cheese powder onto noodles, you haven't seen Penny Johnson's culinary arts class.

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Friday, March 16

Wednesday, March 14



A community the size of Falls City needs police protection. That is a given. It cannot afford to be treated simply as an unincorporated part of the county.

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Tuesday, March 13

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Friday, March 9


Wednesday, March 7



CONNECTIONS lists local events, activities and meetings of support groups, senior centers, clubs and other organizations.

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Sunday, March 4