Stories for May 2001


Thursday, May 31

Police warn of mobile home cleaning scam

The Monmouth and Independence Police want to warn residents of a scam involving cleaning mobile homes. There have been incidents reported in each city and other reports in McMinnville and Salem.

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Wednesday, May 30


Input invited on YMCA project

The Monmouth/Independence YMCA board of managers is again inviting community input on a future YMCA community center at an open forum that will be held at 7 p.m. on Thursday, May 31 at the volunteer hall in Monmouth.

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SATURN may effect use

Although Dallas High School students have had mixed reactions about random drug tests, one thing is clear: since the school began participating in the SATURN drug testing study, no students have been disciplined for visiting places where drugs and alcohol are consumed.

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The Keeper of the Flags...

From Al Adolf to Michael Zahnle, 27 new flags in honor of veterans needed to be added to the Avenue of Flags in Dallas this year.

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Monday, May 28

Battle memories bring back combat's trauma

Almost 60 years have passed since retired Marine Lt. Col. Kenneth Mosher led his men in Pacific Ocean island battles. But he can tell it in such detail, it might have happened yesterday.

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Terminally ill find 'Friends in the Journey..."

Long since retired, Charlie and Billie Bair now spend much of their time at the Dallas Retirement Village. But for this couple, married 57 years, the village is not home. It's an avocation. The Bairs volunteer with Friends in the Journey, a program that provides companions for terminally ill patients when family and friends cannot or will not.

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Wednesday, May 23


Bahler, local post earn state honors

Disabled veterans in Oregon get a boost every day from the efforts of the 28 chapters of Disabled American Veterans. But the hard work put forth every day by members of local chapter No. 6 brought thunderous applause and heartfelt gratitude to its members at the annual convention in Springfield May 9 through 12.

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The 49th

Heroism of Camp Adair infantry division on Okinawa recognized 56 years later

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Statewide seat belt effort this holiday weekend

While seat belt use has increased dramatically since the mid-1980s around the country, jumping from 15 percent in 1984 to 71 percent today, many people continue to fail to use seat belts during those short local trips when they're most likely to be involved in a traffic crash. That's why law enforcement agencies in Oregon will kickoff the summer season by stepping up enforcement during the Buckle Up America! Week/Operation ABC Mobilization leading up to the Memorial Day holiday extended weekend.

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Love & War

They'll always have Paris, well France anyway, as couple immortalized in photo

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Thursday, May 17


Fire destroys Polk County landmark

Tabitha Dubanski craned her neck as she pulled out of her driveway May 16. It was pure instinct. She has always had to do that to look past the old McCoy Store right next door...

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Pedee poised to become charter school

Pedee Elementary School looks like it will have a second life as a charter school. Found to be financially unfeasable to keep as a district elementary school, Pedee School would cost the district less to keep open as a charter school than to shut down.

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Wednesday, May 16


School bus, semi truck collide

MONMOUTH -- An accident involving a school bus heading to the Central High School and Sweet Home High School baseball game occured approximately 3:15 p.m. Wednesday.

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Tuesday, May 15

Monday, May 14


Three arrested in McDonald's burglaries

Two former employees of the Dallas McDonald's are in the Polk County Jail and one is in Juvenile Detention Hall in Salem after confessing to burglarizing the restaurant April 11 and an employee's home.

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Thursday, May 10


Wednesday, May 9


Oakdale students spread May Day cheer

Bus brakes squealing, children shrieking, litter everywhere -- living near an elementary school can be rough. But Oakdale Heights Elementary in Dallas has taken steps to live in harmony with the community.

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A student at Eola High School notices a classmate acting a bit jealous. ;You're being just like Iago! ;A little tear comes to teacher Susan Murray's eye.

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Tuesday, May 8

Weyerhauser raises takeover offer

The effort to take over Willamette Industries intensified May 6. Weyerhaeuser Company increased its offer for Portland-based Willamette to $50 per share, up from $48.

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Sunday, May 6

Wednesday, May 2

Dallas eyes new schooL bond, site

Dallas is growing. Just ask outgoing Superintendent Dave Voves. To him, the 2.4 percent growth rate means 75 new students per year -- too many for already-crowded city elementaries.

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Battle for EXPOSURE

Two bands from Dallas High School will head to Portland to sock it out in a show called Exposure that hopes to highlight the best bands from around the state.

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