Former employees charged in McDonald's burglaries

DALLAS -- Three former employees of the Dallas McDonald's have been charged in the April 11 burglary of the restaurant and an employee's home.

Dallas police arrested Eric T. Marston, 18; William E. Sala, 21; and David D. Moore, 17 for the April 11 burglary and home break-in. All are Dallas residents.

Marston and Sala were charged with two counts of burglary in the first degree, two counts of burglary in the second degree and tampering with evidence. Moore was charged with one count of burglary in the first degree and two counts of burglary in the second degree.

Marston and Sala were arraigned May 11 and each are being held in the Polk County Jail on $35,000 bail. Moore was conditionally released from Salem Juvenile Detention May 11.

Employees of the restaurant reported a burglary and theft from the business at 227 E. Ellendale Ave. about 5 a.m. when they arrived to get ready for the morning customers.

The initial investigation revealed that between closing the night before and when the day shift crew opened, someone had gotten into the restaurant and removed an undisclosed amount of money from the office safe, said Lt. Tom Simpson of the Dallas Police Department.

There were no signs of forced entry to the building and no property was damaged.

After interviewing numerous people, including restaurant employees, Det. John Wallace developed information that the perpetrators may have been McDonalds employees.

While being interviewed by Wallace on May 9, Marston and Sala admitted to the burglary and theft. A third person was implicated and on May 10 Moore was interviewed and also admitted to the crime, Simpson said.

All three suspects admitted to entering the restaurant on two separate occassions and removing about $1,400 in cash from the office safe.

Wallace said Marston admitted to hiding in one of the restrooms at closing time. After all of the employees had gone home for the day, Marston opened one of the doors and let Sala and Moore inside, Wallace said. The three suspects then used another employee's access code to open the main office safe. They claim they got the code by looking over the shoulder of a management staff person when they opened the safe using the code.

After the three left McDonald's, with cash in hand, they started talking about another safe. They decided to go back and try to get more money, but needed keys to do so. Marston and Sala confessed to burglarizing the nearby home of another McDonald's employee to get a set of keys to re-enter the restaurant and try to get the other safe open. While they did get back in, they weren't able to force open the second safe.

"Detective Wallace did a nice job of putting this case together," said Simpson. "His remarkable tenacity is just one trait which makes him a good solid criminal investigator."


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