To the Editor

Fly the flag

One of the ways, we here in Dallas, can show unity with New York is to fly our flags on our cars or homes or anywhere we can.

Let us see the American flag all over.

Jean and Bernie Blunier


Look inward

Now is a time for self-reflection, not retaliation.

Before name calling, finger pointing and surgical-bombing, we need to ask, as a nation, why someone would hate us so much that they would hijack airliners and crash them into major buildings.

The structures selected for destruction are significant. The World Trade Center and financial district of New York, which affect the economies of every country on earth. The Pentagon, heart of our nation's military-industrial complex and, potentially, the nation's Capitol building, representing our political policies.

This was more than a terrorist attack. It was an indictment against our way of life, one of the most harmful and wasteful on earth. That should give us pause.

I am fundamentally opposed to acts of terrorism, especially those which destroy people's lives. However, I can understand the frustration that could lead to such acts.

But terrorism is not the way to change the foundation Western civilization. That requires a change of vision -- how we see our place on the planet.

We need to ask ourselves: What kind of world will we leave for our grandchildren's grandchildren?

Let us mourn all those who have perished in these events.

Let us comfort those left behind.

Let us reexamine ourselves as a nation

Pat Henderson


Join the cause

Join the forces that keep American spirit high by doing your duty to country and God.

Discover ways to provide a humble contribution beyond the power of prayer. Give blood. And the poor -- volunteer in schools, hospitals, missions and so forth. Ask today how you can help. Money and prayer is not enough!

Now you who care, can help.

Yes, exhibit the flag and be proud of what it represents in God we trust. Look to the future,

Support government in searching out Satanic powers that murdered thousands of lives and damaged those who are suffering. Let's get radical and more productive in aiding others in the American spirit.

We need to be calm as we overthrow the destructive powers of evil with God's wisdom and confidence in our leader to neutralize forces that have taken so many lives.

Ralph Cater


Oil companies

Well, it didn't take long for the oil companies to find another way to raise the price of gas again,

In less than 24 hours, they started to take advantage of the terrorist attacks to get the prices up.

Shame on them.

Instead of supporting the American public during this crisis -- by raising the gas prices as much as $3 and $4 a gallon -- they are (in my opinion), contributing to the terrorists' efforts.

Where do you draw the line on greed?

Ron James


Freedom tested

Again we have been tested! Those who would wish to destroy the very essence of our liberty have again struck a blow at the heart of our beloved nation.

Abraham Lincoln's "Gettysburg Address" rings in our ear when he said, "Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure."

Great words written in 1863 from one of the founders of our democracy.

The Bible tells us in so many ways that we must be tested to prove that which is good or it will not endure.

We cannot minimize or trivialize the horrid act which has taken place in New York. As diverse as we are, we have a common bond which is "One Nation Under God".

Once more we are challenged to appreciate that with which awe have been blesses and help those who have been violated.

Some of us were fortunate to have been placed in a position to fight for our freedom, while others acknowledge it in other ways.

The most important message, and one which we should never forget, is that liberty and freedom comes to each one of us with a price tag. We must earn and pay the tariff. Sometimes with our lives.

It is a thrill to see "Old Glory" fly. "Take time to smell the roses".

Les Dunton


Creek Day

The Rickreall Watershed Council would like to extend a special thanks to all the people that helped make the Celebrate the Creek Day a success and to the public for their participation.

The Fishing Derby would not have happened if not for Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife donating the fish, the City of Dallas letting us use the old wadding pool and the Dallas Sportsman Club manning the pool.

An enormous thanks to Ron Krebs, for going beyond the call of duty and spending the night with the fish and to Kenn Carter for assisting in the whole program.

We would like to recognize and express thanks to all the sponsors; Rite Aide for the fishing pole and ice cream bowls; Dallas IGA for all the ice-cream cones; Wal-Mart for three fishing poles; City of Dallas for the maintenance and use of the wadding pool; Les Schwab Tire for taking the tires found in the creek; Tracey Colton who volunteered as lifeguard at the fishing site; and Dallas Disposal for taking care of all the trash that was removed from Rickreall Creek and the bank.

We look forward to doing this again next year.

Jackie Hastings,


Rickreall Watershed Council

Land use

In 1973, the Land Conservation and Development Commission was given regulatory power to zone land use to protect "prime farmland." Unfortunately, for landowners, this power has been misused.

With the current regulations imposed by LCDC, farmers are denied the right to live on their own land. LCDC has imposed an income standard of $80,000 as a requirement if the farmer wished to qualify for a dwelling.

The vast majority of Oregon farmers do not make even close to that amount. This misuse of regulatory power denied many farmers the right to live on their own land and make it productive.

These regulations are unfair to farmers. LCDC needs to either completely eliminate the $80,000 rule, lower the gross income required to qualify for farm dwelling to a more reasonable income or LCDC needs to be changed.

Kathy Thole

Grand Ronde

Summer concerts

We wish to thank the mayor of Dallas, the Chamber of Commerce and the many sponsors and to give them a resounding round of applause as was given to the many groups who performed in the Sounds of Summer concert series.

They were great and enjoyed by young and old alike.

Thank you, City of Dallas.

Lillian Kaczka, Dolores Todd, Joe and Terry Cochrane, Tom and Helen Mulholland, Robert R. Laverty, Bette Gurney, Rosalie Rannings, Mary Pacquett, Ron and Sandy James, David James, Peg May, Carol Farrister, Mildred McAllister, Dolores Schuh, David and Diana Bruce, Lucille Hawkins, David and Linda Holmbo, Louise Winchell, George and Carolyn Willson, Bob and Gloria VanElverdinghe and Ron and Donna Holloway.

Polk County

Thanks for Pat

This weekend we enjoyed a barbecue for three birthdays in our family. Last year we were not sure Pat Lewis would still be alive to celebrate.

But thanks to the Oregon Health and Sciences University's transplant team, the generous help of the people of Dallas, Independence, Monmouth and Fall City, Pat will be able to enjoy many more birthdays.

Special thanks goes to Charlie and Connie Anderson and to Pat's wife Christen who all worked so hard to raise money for his medication.

There is no way to thank all of you, but we will never forget the help he was given, and the prayers that were said.

Bless you.

Barney and Midge Lewis

Falls City

Thanks for help

Thank you to the many, many kind people who stopped to help at my auto accident on Highway 99 and Hoffman Road on Sept. 8.

I know there were lots of people there who came over from painting the church on Hoffman. I was too dazed to remember all of you, but special thanks go to the woman who comforted me and knew my daughter, the wonderful medical personnel who missed their lunch, the firemen and police, Karey and her family, Kathy, and my own family.

I appreciate and thank all of you for caring.

Sue Maxwell


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