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Memorable quotes from May and June



"Our athletic fees are at the rock bottom in the PAC 9 conference."

Grant Boustead

(Dallas School District atheletic director.)

"Tobey Maguire is the perfect choice for Spider-Man, just because he makes such a good Peter Parker. And Willem Dafoe as the Green Goblin? I mean, that guy is scary even without a mask."

Brian Hughes

(LaCreole Middle School math teacher and comic book collector, expressing excitment over the new "Spider-Man" movie.)

"This is what it's all about. This is just a great day to be in Monmouth."

Paul Evans

(Monmouth mayor, on Arbor Day activities.)

"I think boys also really like the competition part of the Battle of the Books. There are some girls who love to read, but sometimes they're a little timid, and don't want to compete."

"I've found that I am in danger of having no primary physician, and no care for any ongoing medical problems."

Nancy Fowler

(Dallas resident, worried about the availability of health care in the county.)

"Literally Monmouth has had no growth. Revenues are really flat."

Jeff Hecksel

(Monmouth city manager, on the city budget.)

"It's a new beginning for us. We wanted to keep the fact that we are here, in the valley, on the west side. It sounded good."

Joyce Evans

(Interim hospital director, on changing the name of Valley Community Hospital to West Valley Hospital.)

"It's a clarification on their need to have a more formal process to negotiate with the city."

Jim Harper

(Dallas police chief, on the formation of a police officers' negotiating unit.)

"I thought, there have got to be more women in business in this area -- more women like myself. I just don't know who they are."

Rachel Greco

(Owner of Grandma's Attic in Dallas, on forming Polk County Women in Business.)

"Exactly what I was afraid of is happening. Soon this is going to be Independence's problem instead of the school district's."

Mike Danko

(Independence's community development director, on sidewalks to Ash Creek Intermediate School along Hoffman Road.)

"This is a fun place to be. It's a great place to work."

Cindy Marion

(Educator, on the formation of Dallas Dragonfly Preschool.)

"Change doesn't frighten me. It can be seen as an opportunity."

Kerry Thompson

(On joining the Central School Board.)

"There's a problem with turnover. We've lost some good people from the county."

Mike Propes

(Polk County commissioner, on morale problems at Department of Human Services.)

"They lived quietly. To know them, you would never have guessed they were well off. They certainly lived frugally.

For the people who knew them, I bet this didn't come as much of a surprise."

Lane Shetterly

(Member of the Dallas Community Foundation, on surprise $700,000 bequest to the foundation from Pearl Proul.)

"We don't have a choice. We have to come up with this $220,000. The rates have to raise."

Barbara Maytum

(Falls City council, on the need to increase water and sewer rates.)

"It is a day when we come to terms with the grief spawned from war, while at the same time, reaffirming our convictions of peace and reconciliation."

John Bruning

(Militarian historian, on Memorial Day observances at the Independence State Airport.)

"It has meant a lot for Dallas to have had Willamette Industries as a community partner since the company's beginning. The generous gift was a large step in securing a health care presence in our community. The foundation board is extremely grateful to Weyerhaeuser for honoring Willamette's pledge."

Mike Lowery

(West Valley Hospital Foundation president, on Weyerhaeuser's decision to honor a $300,000 donation Willamette Industries made to West Valley Hospital.)

"When you provide safe, affordable housing in a community, you strengthen that community."

Rita Grady

(Executive director of Polk Community Development Corporation, on the development of the Woodbridge Meadow housing project.)

"This is going to be quite the model showpiece for the area."

Roger Jordan

(Dallas city manager, on a $142,000 grant to restore Rickreall Creek.)

"There's a growing interest there in the art and culture of the United States. My research interest in American Modernism fills a niche within their faculty."

Judy Bullington

(Western Oregon University art history professor, on getting a Fulbright scholarship.)

"This grant gives us a year to look at the proposal and see how we can better serve the students."

Don Wildfang

(Morrison Alternative School principal, on a $50,000 grant to to help determine whether or not Morrison should become a charter school.)

"It seems like something like the dagger breaking always happens, and it's just good for a laugh. They did a great job."

Janet Lebold

(LaCreole Middle School teacher, on staging "Romeo and Juliet.")

"Every scenario has a major negative impact of educational programs."

Dave Novotney

(Dallas School District superintendent, on cutting $2.2 million from the budget.)

"Typically, public pools don't make money."

Kevin Johnston

(Consultant and aquatic director for Washington State University, on the Dallas Aquatic Center's financial woes.)


"The message we need to give the state is that schools need to be held harmless. If there's not enough money to fund the commitments the state's made, legislators shouldn't sign the `no new taxes' pledge."

Roger Sauer

(Willamina School District superintendent, responding to proposed closure of Grand Ronde Elementary School.)

"Any tax increase at this time would do irreparable harm to this economy."

Gary George

(State senator, commenting on the debate over school funding.)

"The idea here is to replace the $335,350 that was cut from the budget this year, to ensure that over the next three years, the services that are currently in place will be maintained."

Jeff Hecksell

(Monmouth's city manager, commenting on a proposed $9.95 monthly service fee.)

"It's so green and beautiful. The people are direct and friendly. If I get very frustrated, I'll just hammer on rock."

Julie Conn

(Professional sculptor and wife of new Western Oregon University President Phillip Conn, on moving to Oregon.)

"Mr. Barnes and all of the students attending will not soon forget how easily accidents can happen."

Tom Simpson

(Dallas police lieutenant after a gun safety teacher accidentally shoots a bullet through a window at the Dallas Aquatic Center.)

"It's so hard to ask for help, when I want to be the one helping others."

Kelly Frazer Sage

(Dallas mother of three wages an uphill battle to raise money for a double lung bypass to combat cystic fibrosis.)

"I think things will go just fine. They've always been a reasonable bunch."

Jim Harper

(Dallas police chief, on talks with the police officers' bargaining unit.)

"We can't put education below other things. These are the students who will be running the state and the country in a few years."

Calia Beasley

(Bridgeport parent, protesting school budget cuts at the state capitol.)

"I've been teaching classes since April to teach bike safety -- like wear your helmets, signal, don't jump in front of cars. That sort of thing."

Roger Lloyd

(Independence police officer, on the finer points of bike safety.)

"They get to decorate birdhouses with seeds, dried spaghetti, things like that. It's a lesson to teach the concept that death is a part of life and life a part of death. They're meant to house a live bird, but they're covered with things that we would see as dead -- it's a blending of the two."

Trey Malicoat

(Director of Camp Mighty Oaks, on how he helps children deal with grief.)

"I wouldn't care if he was purple with pink polka dots. He's a good person."

Cheryl Donais

(Falls City resident on her husband, Gerald, who discovered he had both male and female sex organs. The couple appeared on "Montel Williams.")

"I came to town in 1990, and when I first heard about it, I was rather amazed that the town took pride in denying citizens the freedoms they have everywhere else in the state."

John Oberst

(Monmouth resident, on his campaign to repeal Monmouth's dry law.)

"I don't like negative people. I don't like it when people try to tell me I can't do things. I want to say, 'When was the last time you went camping? Have you been up in a hot air balloon? Have you rafted down the Rogue River?'"

Judy Heath

(Monmouth woman, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, describes her life.)

"It was purely budgetary," councilor Darrin Fleener said. "It's unfortunate."

Darrin Fleener

(Falls City councilor, on the decision not to hire a city administrator.)

"We need to stop right now. Public schools have been chipped away and chipped away and chipped away. Pretty soon, there's going to be nothing left to chip away."

Aaron Chappell

(Central High School student, protesting school budget cuts at the state capitol.)


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