From the publisher's desk

The buck stops here

By Dave Weston

Last week's Itemizer-Observer carried a story announcing my return as publisher and editor of this venerable newspaper.

It was a personal choice to leave a position in the corporate hierarchy of Eagle Newspapers Inc., where I had the title of Vice-President/Operations.

Publisher and editor are examples of newspaper jargon that often puzzle people as to what they mean.

In newspaper lingo, the publisher is the person with overall responsibility for everything.

A publisher delegates specific responsibilities to other staff members. The editor is the person responsible for the news product of the newspaper.

By assuming both titles, it is hoped that readers and staff members alike know "where the buck stops." As publisher, I will be delegating a lot of responsibility. If things work well, it is to the staff's credit.

When things don't work so well -- we know who is responsible.

The mission of the Itemizer-Observer is to be the leading 24-7 source of credible local news throughout the Polk County community.

While being a weekly newspaper limits the ability of the I-O to be a 24-7 news source, the World Wide Web makes it possible. Look for an increased emphasis on breaking news on the website.

The Itemizer-Observer must continue to be a reader-driven news organization. There will be changes in the newspaper and in the way it operates to help give its readers a stronger voice.

Within the next several weeks, the Itemizer-Observer will present a whole new "face" to its readers as it reverts to the traditional broadsheet format instead of its now familiar-tabloid shape. It will have a new size.

The 12.5-inch wide page is the same as that used by most daily newspapers and an increasing number of weeklies.


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