Falls City wastewater plan waiting for DEQ approval

Attention turns to funding the project

FALLS CITY -- Falls City's wastewater management plan is now in the hands of the Department of Environmental Quality.

The plan to expand the city's aging wastewater system was turned in on deadline and city administrators are waiting for comments from the DEQ.

Meanwhile, city administrator Rick Hohnbaum is turning his attention to finding funding for the project.

"On Feb. 12 we will meet with various funding agencies, to get a clearer picture of what kind of loans and grants we might get," he said.

The new wastewater system will cost about $1.9 million. When residents discussed the plan at an October meeting, many said they hoped a large portion of the money would come from agencies like the Oregon Economic and Community Development Department.

"This is going to be a financial community decision, and this will give us a better idea of what we can do from here," Hohnbaum said.

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