Animals traps and Monmouth council discussed

Animal trips

Yesterday, I went walking along an old logging road with my two dogs.

The road is on private property. I've been walking there, with permission of the landowner, for the last 10 years.

Yesterday one of my dogs was caught in a steel jawed trap set near a beaver pond where the dogs normally swim, play around and set ducks to flight.

It was awful.

I couldn't get it off her. She was screaming and biting at her foot and trying not to bite me. I couldn't pull it out of the ground. It seemed to be locked around something under the surface of the ground. I couldn't pry it apart or break it.

It seemed like several minutes went by. She was going into shock. Blood was flying around from her foot and my knuckles.

I found the "plates" that you push down to release to jaws -- finally -- and it opened.

Today, she's in the dog hospital. I hope her foot can be saved.

It was an awful experience. I felt so helpless. Thank God I was finally able to free her. What if I'd been a young child walking a dog up there?

Oregon voters turned down a law last year that would've banned these types of traps.

At the time, I voted for the law because naturally I knew these things were bad. But let me tell you here. You don't know how bad they are until you see one in action.

They are indiscriminating, hideous and unbelievably cruel. Watching a dog you love in such pain, sheer panic and terror, and not being able to do anything about it, is a traumatic event I wouldn't wish on anyone.

Except maybe the trapper.

I never want to see anything like that happen again. I really, really hope that next time the measure to ban trapping in put on the ballot again, people will vote it into law.

Allison Hamilton


Monmouth residency

Once again, a venomous attack on Councilor Hoover and Mayor Evans.

I wonder. Could Mr. Herzog be setting himself up to run for office again by spreading misinformation ("if and when she again establishes residency...")?

If other communities are laughing at Monmouth, it's for making such a petty, non-issue topic a public, high-theater event.

As for resignation, if anyone should leave office, it should be Councilor Davis. The city council discussed, then voted on the residency issue.

That should have been the end of it, like any issue or vote.

But Davis and her crew decided to do city council business by letters to the editor after the fact.

If this isn't a legal consideration in the city charter, it certainly is an ethical issue. Or is this how the city council is now going to run the local government?

Maybe city council and city hall should turn their attention to something important, such as the pending huge budget shortfall.

I hope the citizens of Monmouth see the residency non-issue for what it is. A last gasp political stand for an old-circle, mean-spirited crew.

They don't like the progress and openness of Mayor Evans and the new city councilors.

The old-boy/girl circle wants to get back to 6:30 a.m. council meetings or closed door meetings to get their personal agendas initiated.

Carl Nightengale


Spaghetti feed

On behalf of the staff, parents and students at Whitworth Elementary School we'd like to take this opportunity to extend our sincerest thanks for the support and hard work that so many people put out for our fifth annual Spaghetti Feed and Silent Auction.

We raised more than $10,000 and served 795 meals.

This money and previously raised funds will be used by the PTC to complete the purchase of new playground equipment for Whitworth.

In addition, the PTC supports other projects, such as; field trips, awards, assemblies, computers and instructional supplies and materials for the students at Whitworth.

The Dallas area business community and parents came through in the form of numerous donations for items and services, large and small.

Whitworth Elementary staff

and Whitworth Parent-Teacher Club

Polk No. 1

The family of George Weaver would like to thank Polk County Fire District No. 1 for all its assistance.

We extend our sincere appreciation for the wonderful expressions of sympathy during our time of need.

Hazel Weaver

(and family)



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