Man arrested after police standoff

William Locust of Dallas has a history of domestic violence

DALLAS -- A Dallas man was arrested early March 5 following a 2 1/2 hour standoff with police.

William Locust, 40, was charged with kidnapping after refusing to leave the home of his ex-girlfriend and their two children, aged 12 and 15.

Locust had been arrested 38 times, said Dallas Lieutenant Thomas Simpson, mostly for domestic assault.

Earlier that evening, March 4, police responded to a complaint of a loud argument in the 1200 block of SE Holman Avenue. Locust, apparently intoxicated, agreed to leave.

Shortly before midnight, Locust reportedly walked into the apartment across the hall and refused to leave, resulting in a trespassing charge.

Locust then holed himself up in his ex-girlfriend's apartment and refused to let police officers inside.

The Dallas Special Response Team got a key from the landlord, cleared out neighboring apartments, and blocked off a portion of the avenue. Officers entered the apartment and arrested Locust without incident.

"Had Mr. Locust been willing to open the door and talk with officers, this situation could have been resolved much quicker," Simpson said.

Locust's bail was set at $306,000.

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