Hazardous waste to be collected consistently

POLK COUNTY -- Household hazardous waste collection events will soon be held more consistently in Polk County.

In the past, the events have been provided at various locations throughout the county and been funded by grants from the Department of Environmental Quality. The collections are a DEQ requirement to have the waste separated from other types at the landfill.

When DEQ announced it would not be able to fund the collection events anymore local cities and the county began work on a plan that's just been completed, said Monmouth City Manager Jeff Hecksel in a report to the city council.

Initially, one event will be held per year, growing to three events as the budget allows, according to the plan. Events will be held in Dallas, the Monmouth-Independence area and West Salem.

Satellite programs will be serviced by a specially retrofitted truck that will transport the wastes to the planned permanent household hazardous waste facility in Marion County for further packing, consolidation and eventual disposal. The truck will be large enough to transport wastes from 250 to 300 households.

The satellite events will be financed and managed by the County in partnership with the cities, waste haulers and other interested parties.

To pay for the events, the plan recommends each city and county adopt a 25 cent per month surcharge on existing solid waste customers.

City councils throughout the county soon will be voting on the surcharge.


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