Casino helps boost suffering schools

Willamina, Sheridan school districts to get needed help

GRAND RONDE -- Given the failure of Ballot Measure 28, the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, through the Spirit Mountain Community Fund, are helping support schools in Sheridan and Willamina.

The Sheridan School District will get $125,000 to shore up its language arts and literacy curriculum. Willamina schools will get $175,00 to support the "Keep Willamina Schools Viable" campaign.

"The children that attend these classes are not only our own, but the children of our 1,500-plus employees and our neighbors," said Angela Blackwell, Spirit Mountain Community Fund Director.

"As part of our commitment to the surrounding community, we will continue to do all we can through this funding crisis to level the playing field for under-served students."

The Spirit Mountain Community Fund has historically supported programs such as the math curriculum in Grand Ronde and Willamina as well as Head Start programs in Polk and Yamhill counties.

To date, the fund has given more than $18 million through an 11-county area. More than $2 million has been awarded in Grand Ronde, Willamina and Sheridan.

"Spirit Mountain Community fund turns lives around, within this community and throughout Western Oregon," said Blackwell.

"By giving back, we honor our traditions and keep our promise to help others as we have helped ourselves."


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