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Street fee

Upon hearing about city manager Roger Jordan's proposed "street utility fee," and the first public hearing, after the fact, I had many concerns which greatly increased as I went door-to-door asking residents if they were aware of this proposed street maintenance "fee."

One individual indicated knowledge of it.

There are heartrending stories I have been told.

Does $2.50 per month added to your water/sewer bill for three years, with no limitations on increases indicated, seem inconsequential to you and your budget?

1) Did you know that there are unemployed residents now forced to refinance their nearly mortgage-free home to meet medical and daily needs?

2) Did you know there are residents in Dallas that can only afford to have one-half of a prescription filled due to economic hardship?

The time has come for our city leaders to make every effort to insure that public hearings are highly publicized so residents can attend them.

The time has come for residents to be granted a guaranteed right to vote on all future tax/fee issues, additions and/or increases.

The time has come to aggressively evaluate those employed and/or elected to serve in our city government to determine if their actions and decisions accurately represent the will and welfare of Dallas residents.

Faye L. Frei


Due process

Sen. Ginny Burdick, in support of her gun control legislative proposal, uses the tragic events of the officer whose son fatally shot his daughter.

Her quote on the matter is, "If my bill had been law, that guy (the officer) would be convicted of a felony."

It is unfortunate that in her zeal to push her agenda that she forgets the true application of law.

Passing a law does not make her judge and jury. Her comment is an irresponsible misstatement. Let her not forget that the officer still has his Constitutional rights and his case would be reviewed by a grand jury and a district attorney's office.

Even indicted, the case would be decided by a judge or jury under the highest standards afforded our citizens -- innocent until proven guilty.

I hate to break it to the senator, but her law would not (and should not) supersede the justice system, even if she would desire to get rid of that "pesky" Constitution and many of our individual rights as citizens.

Debbe Stein

Falls City


We just witnessed the largest protest in world history.

It was the result of the United States rushing to war with Iraq.

Protesters see the United States planning to attack a nation that is not a threat to us.

It leaves them wondering who will be next on our hit list.

They also see the United States reneging on our promise to secure peace in Afghanistan. They fear more terrorist attacks worldwide if the invasion occurs.

The world also sees the United States provoking war, name-calling, practicing deception and stating that, "We will go it alone."

The world sees a Congress that sits silently by while the nation heads toward a disastrous war and whose economy is rapidly crumbling (exceptions: senators Wyden and Byrd and U.S. Rep. DeFazio.)

They see more U.S. soldiers being rushed daily to harm's way. We sympathize with them as we remember Vietnam and how difficult it is to fight an unpopular war.

Are we to waste these wonderful men?

How can we implement a massive, unprovoked attack on a nation of more than 50 percent children?

George Gordon



I am very concerned that this country is being led to war with Iraq by the Bush Administration.

This coupled with the 24-hour television coverage by the Republican-friendly television channels 31 and 50, has made it seem that war is the only way.

President Bush wants us to follow him charging up the hill to war with him holding the American flag in one hand and the banner of morality in the other.

And I cannot, and do not, support a war with Iraq.

Since the early 1940s, I have supported every war this country has had to fight, even the awful Vietnam War. As for Saddam Hussein, I am well aware that he is a brutal tyrant who has done terrible things to his people and that he has attacked neighboring countries several times, but I do not feel he is an imminent threat to the United States.

We should not become the policeman for the whole world and spend billions of dollars rebuilding other countries and paying many of them to be our friends.

Do we really have the right to claim the higher moral ground? After all, this country does have many skeletons in its own historical closet.

We have shown in the past that we also are capable of terrible acts against humanity.

During our early history, in an effort to expand the nation to the Pacific Ocean, we as a nation under the claim of "imminent domain," systematically dispossessed or killed many hundreds of thousands of native American Indians. Our government at that time condoned those actions, often with military forces.

To this day, the descendants of those people are still held in virtual prisons on reservations all but forgotten by the government and by most Americans.

For almost 130 years, we enslaved an entire race of people. Even after they were set free by government proclamation, their descendants, to this day, are still struggling to claim an equal place in our society.

We claim, and I have no doubt it is true, that Saddam Hussein uses the vast wealth to enhance his own lifestyle.

By comparison, much of the great wealth of this country is concentrated in the hands of a small number of very wealthy individuals.

They control billions upon billions of dollars and much of it is tax free -- this -- while every state in the union is in a financial crisis.

There are millions of people in this country, perhaps as many as 46 percent of the populace, that oppose a war with Iraq, but the political majority ignores them.

It is very apparent that Bush is dead-set on going to war, and in using the funds that are sorely needed at home to waste on a useless war, only to buy friends and to rebuild yet, another country.

So, my response when I hear the most common political question lately, no, I absolutely do not think we should go to war with Iraq.

However, on the flip-side, I do think we should contain him Saddam Hussein and monitor him and his country.

I feel that war with Iraq would create a Middle East crisis of enormous proportions. This beat of the war drums must stop.

We have to put our own house in order, and we can if we have the resolve.

We are the world's military leader and at this time, no enemy is an imminent threat to us. We must stop this march towards war and start to rebuild our troubled country.

I realize that this article may get me on someone's "enemy of the state" list and I am aware that these statements will not be well received by all. As for those, let them have no doubt.

I love this country dearly and I will not stand by silently while it falls into ruin while we squander billions, waging war and rebuilding countries around the world.

It's time we put America first. Let's rebuild America.

Paul Kugler



After the performance of "The Foreigner" at Dallas High School, the audience was asked to vote for their favorite performer.

It was an impossible task. There were seven cast members and they were all great.

They were great and so was the play. It had its serious moments, but I have never laughed as much as I did at Saturday's performance.

Anyone who hasn't seen "The Foreigner" at Dallas High is missing some wonderful entertainment.

Obviously, a lot of work went into the sets and the support crew and volunteers made the play work. I have seen a lot of plays in a lot of places, and although I don't pretend to be an expert, this is great theater. Cheers to you, Dallas!

John Schoon



For those of you voted "yes" on the Dallas school levy and "yes" on Measure 28, we can still monetarily support our students and well-deserved teachers.

Within Dallas, we have two well-established nonprofit organizations prepared to support our education and athletic programs, provided we make our tax-deductible charitable donations.

1. The Dallas Booster Club supports extracurricular activities for Dallas High School students. Donations may be made payable to the Dallas Booster Club.

You may designate a specific activity or project that you wish your tax-deductible donation to benefit. "Softball" or "the football stadium" would be two such examples.

2. The Dallas Community Foundation, established by members of the Dallas Rotary Club, has benefitted numerous students and other nonprofit organizations with scholarships and grants.

A designated "education fund" was recently established within the foundation for the purpose of supplementing the Dallas School District budget deficiences.

Donations may be made payable to the Dallas Community Foundation. Please designate your check to the Education Fund.

Dallas Booster Club

P.O. Box 416

Dallas, OR 97338

Dallas Community


P.O. Box 1001

Dallas, OR 97338

Thank you for supporting our students and their teachers.

LuAnn Meyer



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