Hospital regains use of aquatic center

West Valley had been held up by red tape

DALLAS -- West Valley Hospital will a dry spell of more than a year by getting back into the Dallas Aquatic Center's pools.

West Valley's therapy programs at the aquatic center had brought the city of Dallas, which owns the pool, around $1,500 per month.

But those programs ended in the fall of 2001, when state Human Services officials decided the aquatic center didn't meet hospital guidelines. Since the center didn't meet construction codes for an outpatient clinic, it did not qualify for reimbursements from Medicare or Medicaid.

The hospital is now licensed to conduct therapy at the aquatic center, Dallas City Manager Roger Jordan announced at the Jan. 6 City Council meeting.

The Council had voted at the same meeting to create an aquatic center marketing committee. The committee will look for ways to bring in more money and swimmers.

The estimated $15,000 to $20,000 from the hospital therapy programs will help the aquatic center meet its projected budget. "It's a big part of the revenue stream," Jordan said.

"Some of us believe it can be an even bigger part. They were starting to get up to a lot of use" before the programs stopped."

Although Dallas officials are required to make minor changes to the center, including some to lockers, the building's structure will stay as is.

"Water therapy is a huge part of therapy now," Jordan said. "And for this whole area, Dallas is it."


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