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Thank you for the article in the June 25 issue about the incontinence therapy offered by the West Valley Hospital.

This service is a real boon to the woman whose supportive muscles have been weakened by pregnancies or age, causing incontinence.

The therapy, which strengthens the muscles, is very simple and easy to accomplish, once you know how.

The therapist, Jane, is friendly, kind, sensitive, capable and professional.

The exercises require only a few minutes a day.

The program is accepted by Medicare. Women must be referred by a physician.

Melba Black



I live in Puerto Rico and I just have to say that it is great that the Itemizer-Observer is on the web.

I grew up in Monmouth and it's a blessing that I can read it thousands of miles away by typing in Keep up the good work and great articles.

Andrew Owens

Puerto Rico


We need your help with a very special project.

If it is appropriate for your audience, please post this letter in your publication.

We are developing a television program series highlighting the romantic relationships between World War II military personnel and their loved ones back at home.

While numerous films and documentaries have captured heroes, battles and the brutality of war, few -- if any -- have focused on the relationships that suffered, endured, even thrived after wartime years of aloneness, hardship and hoping against the unknown.

We are collecting stories of the "everyday" heroes during WWII-- the many men and women who kept their love and commitment intact despite the hardships of war.

We want to share reminiscences that teach us how they coped.

How did their love and commitment survive? How did they keep hope alive? Where did they find their strength? How, in the midst of war, did new love begin and old love sustain?

Our goal is to give a platform for these wartime heroes -- both the veterans and their families -- so that we may benefit from the wisdom of those who lived, loved, and hoped during the years of World War II.

We believe their stories would call this generation to a higher standard in its commitments, character and relationships.

We know this generation of veterans and their spouses are passing from us and we have missed opportunities to talk to some of them directly.

Hopefully, however, those who have gone will have stories still alive in their children.

If your readers would be interested in our project, if they have a love story to tell, if they desire to share the lessons they learned during an amazing time in our country's history, or if they know someone who does, we would appreciate hearing from them.

Mindi Mathews,


Hero Productions

PMB 286

3807-GH South Peoria

Tulsa, OK 74105


A big thank you from the Dallas Booster Club to our community citizens and businesses as you continue to support Dallas High School Athletic fund-raising efforts.

Our organization has been working hard with the athletic groups to ensure the existence of sports for the 2003-2004 school year.

We began in January with the sale of "La Suisse" pies which netted us $2,100. Ugo's Pizza stepped up in February and allowed us to keep 50 percent of their in-house pizza sales for one night, which earned us $1,100.

Our Bingo night in May at Spirit Mountain resulted in $2,500. Our recent garage sale brought in $2025. Our participation in the Safeway gift card program brings in an average of $1,000 per month.

We applied for a grant from Dallas Action Together and received $500.

Generous donations from Buck Buchanan, Mayor Jim Fairchild, Gordon Steele and other anonymous donors are benefiting our programs.

We are indeed grateful to all of you as we struggle to meet the budget deficiency.

The athletic budget for 2003-2004 is approximately $225,000. This includes salaries and benefits for approximately 43 coaches, transportation of athletes, officials, supplies and other miscellaneous fees of which $73,000 of this amount is to be covered by the school district via the gate fees and a Pepsi contract.

If pay-to-play fees are raised to $150 per athlete, that will bring in approximately another $73,000.

As of June 23, the athletic groups had approximately $55,000 saved in their accounts -- Booster Club and high school accounts.

This leaves us approximately $24,000 remaining to raise in funds.

Last year we were fortunate to raise $12,000 through the sale of the Entertainment Guides. We will begin selling the guides again in September.

Please be there for us.

Donations can be sent to: Dallas Booster Club, P.O. Box 416, Dallas, OR 97338.

Thank you for caring.

Lu Meyer,


Dallas Booster Club


I would like to respond to the letter written and published in the July 9 issue of your paper regarding your local weekly paper.

I find it sad that this reader seems to feel the reporters need more insight when reporting and writing about stories that happen in their own community.

Because the paper is a weekly paper with articles written and published after events happen, I feel the coverage is done in a very timely matter.

I also find it a little upsetting that the writer spends much of their time looking for misspelled words and doesn't spend more time looking for the heart of our local paper.

There have been many series stories that the I-O has carried. I wonder if this reader only buys an occasional paper or reads the paper occasionally.

All news should be worthy of printing. Unfortunately, some of the stories are missed for various reason. However, the I.0. runs an ad every week asking the public for "story input" and I feel the reporters would be very happy to cover those stories.

Every person has room to improve and the reporters for the I.0. are no exception. Yet, I do feel we have a very outstanding local weekly paper that keeps the communities in which we live informed of events very successfully.

Deb Darr

Polk County


Granted, Saddam was an evil ruler.

We Americans, virtuous and morally correct, felt the need to come to their aid. So we proceeded to do so by killing hundreds of thousands of them and destroying their nation on the assumption that they had a tiny fraction of weapons of mass destruction that we have. We are fearful that this tiny nation was a threat.

I wonder how much others can enjoy our humanity. Our humanity is breeding terrorists to attack us. We have done a great job of encouraging dislike for us, so we need to become loving and caring neighbors. Perhaps some aid to our enemy might help.

Howard Wildfang



I want to advise Nada Hassler's many friends and former students that Nada will be celebrating her 95th birthday July 24.

I know she enjoys hearing from all of you and I wanted to relay this information so you are able to send her a message. Her address is 741 S.E. Roberts, Gresham, OR 97080.

She is in a nice, small residential care center near her daughter, Zada.

For more information, contact Zada at 503-661-5255.

Alice Propes



I praise the Lord and send a big thank you to all who helped during and after the devastating fire that destroyed my 57-year-old house.

Although my home was destroyed, the part dedicated to the Lord was preserved. Thirty fire "people" (men and women) and 12 vehicles were involved in the fight but no one was injured and buildings close by were saved.

Since the fire, generous friends and relatives have supplied all my needs. I am so blessed.

So to those who have been involved, may God richly bless, guide and keep you.

Janet Overholser


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