Board approves new charter school

Luckiamute Valley Charter School moves ahead

DALLAS -- A new name. A revised contract. A new program. It's the birth of the Luckiamute Valley Charter Schools.

Dallas School Board has approved an agreement enabling the Bridgeport and Pedee school facilities to continue operations as charter schools offering a kindergarten through eighth-grade curriculum.

Both the operating contract and building leases with the Dallas School District are for five years.

"We are looking forward to working with the Bridgeport community and developing a very strong K-8 program," said Dr. Fred Weisensee.

Luckiamute Valley Charter is nearly identical to the original Pedee papers with changes made to accommodate the addition of the school and students from Bridgeport.

Weisensee has been a leader in the Pedee Charter School and will continue a role in the combined Pedee-Bridgeport effort.

He told the Dallas Board that an 11-member board is in place to oversee the charter schools. The 501(c)3 non-profit designation remains the same as it was for Pedee Charter School.


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