City gets grant for creek trail

Foot trail will eventually link six city parks

DALLAS -- Dallas will still get a recreational trail along Rickreall Creek. The process could just take a little longer.

The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department awarded Dallas nearly $20,000 for the first phase in a project to connect the city's parks by trail. That's only a third of what officials wanted, and about half of what they asked for.

"They didn't have the resources to allocate to Dallas," City Manager Roger Jordan said.

Phase one of the trail project would pave a trail from Main Street near Academy to East Dallas Community Park. It also would have included a bridge over Rickreall Creek.

When it became clear the money wasn't there, they broke the project into smaller sections. The bridge will have to come later, Jordan said, when more money becomes available.

City officials can still apply for lottery and other state money to complete the trail project piece by piece, Jordan said.

The first phase is a small piece of the overall project. When completed, the trail would run 4.5 miles and connect six city parks running from the west to east side of town.

Phase one includes only 2,200 feet of the trail.

The City owns much of the land along the creek envisioned for the final trail. It has been preserved over the years with the thought of a trail in mind, Jordan said.

Future work on the trail would also involve buying some necessary property the City doesn't own.

Jordan said he's encouraged to get the trail project moving. He looks for it to pick up momentum -- and more grants.

"Hopefully, within the next couple years we'll be able to complete those improvements we've been waiting such a long time for."


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