Sex offender back in jail

Edwards lied about his weekend activities

POLK COUNTY -- Less than two weeks after being released from prison, sex offender Larry Lee Edwards is back behind bars.

Edwards, who is homeless, must spend his first six months after prison in Polk County.

Starting March 3, he's spending time in the county jail. He'll probably be there around 15 days, said county Community Corrections Director Marty Silbernagel, though the state parole board has the final say.

The board has designated Edwards a sexually violent dangerous offender.

Edwards broke the terms of his parole, Silbernagel said. "He violated his treatment conditions."

"It had nothing to do with contact with minors or committing another criminal offense. He was dishonest with me with what he was up to this weekend."

The week after his release from prison, Edwards approached the Itemizer-Observer and other media outlets to say he was intent on staying a free man.

"I'm pro-social, I'm pro-therapy," Edwards told the I-O.

Two weeks in jail won't change the situation for Edwards' homelessness. There is no place in Polk County set up for housing parolees like him.

"It's something we continue to look at," Silbernagel said. "But at this point in time, there's nothing that says `this is a great idea.'"


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