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First Christian Church starts its roofing project

Here we are in the middle of Thanksgiving month.

Merchants are after us to buy Christmas presents. Do it now. Meanwhile, I'm still adjusting my smeller for Thanksgiving dinner.


The weather sure isn't cooperating. Floods in California. Snow in the mountains. What a drastic change. It looked like winter would never come a few weeks ago.


Have you seen the large church roofing projects the last few weeks?

Take the First Christian Church on S.W. Jefferson St.

The church started in 1856 but the first church building was not built until 1891. That building burned in 1932. The new church was dedicated in 1932, representing an investment of $22,000. It has grown over the years.

The church is more than five stories tall. It has a new roof and is ready for another 20 or 30 years.

You can also see all kinds of roofing activity at Evangelical Church of North America across from the Dallas Post Office.

This is one of the oldest churches in downtown Dallas. It was built in 1904 and has been in operation ever since.

Workers found five layers of shingles on some parts of the roof. This puts tremendous strain on the building.

You might have seen workers who bring down the bell and strip the shingles off the roof. Now there is just the old board sheeting.

They can start laying sheeting and asphalt shingles. The roofers still face steep slopes. And rain adds extra deadline stress.

I hope everything goes well. I admire their skill. It is no easy task. But they're the ones who can get it done.

Dallas United Methodist Church just had its new roof rolled on its steeped pitched roof.

Being so white, it tends to collect dirt. We get to see how this new product holds up. It has done well on this type roof before. Now we will see for ourselves.

It sure looks great.

The post office roof began sagging over the front entrance earlier this year. The laminated beams slowly kept bending closer to the sidewalk.

That's why you had to use the Mill Street doors for awhile. The new metal posts on Church Street took care of the problem.


Like you, I still feel the impact of Veterans Day. So many memories. They're not all sad memories.

That's why you young people want to be a part of the good things that are going on around you. You help make them happen.

I marvel at what so many of you are doing in your teens and 20s. The involvement is just plain super. Keep at it.

Children younger than you think you are very special. So help make their lives even better.

What a great gift to them. Give them your best. They need your support.


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