Morrison staff request gains board approval

Morrison staff

request gains

board approval

DALLAS -- Recognition of a professional association or union representing staff of Morrison Alternative Charter High School was given by the Morrison School Board.

A special meeting Oct. 23 was called by Board Chair Don Currey to discuss the request by Morrison staff.

Following extensive discussion among the board and staff representative Ken Guffey the recognition was granted by a 4-1 vote. The lone dissenting vote was Currey's.

Guffey emphasized the desire for an organization to act as the employees' bargaining agent grew from concerns about pay and benefits-particularly life and health insurance as well as personal time off.

"I still haven't signed a contract saying I'm going to get paid a certain amount," he said.

"We're behind the eight-ball trying to start the process and implement the program," Administrator Don Wildfang said.

"A lot of the confusion comes from the pre-charter school time. Our agreement with staff is consistent with (Dallas District) teacher and classified agreements. Our purpose is the kids. Your decision (as a board) will have long-term implications."

"We need to break down the wall that seems to be going up and get on with teaching the kids," board member Lisa Koloen said.

Board member Michaele Pelzer made the motion recognizing the staffs' request. Joining Pelzer in supporting the motion were Koloen, Chuck Lerwick and Lauri Spellman.

Also getting the board's attention at the special meeting was the matter of financial reporting to the Dallas School Board.

Wildfang assured the Board that the reporting format is being worked out with Dallas business manager Kathy Hammer.

Wildfang's role as operational chief for Morrison was reaffirmed by Currey and others following questions by Guffey regarding who really ran the school.

It was emphasized that staff members report to Wildfang rather than any board member.


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