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Dallas teachers get assignments

DALLAS-Adding the equivalent of four full-time teaching positions to Dallas schools is proving no easy task.

A Wednesday morning meeting with Superintendent Dr. Dave Novotney and various school administrators arrived at no overall agreement.

After hearing from all the schools and the district-wide support staff, Novotney arrived at the following assignment of additional teaching positions:

Lynda Johnston assumes a new role as full-time media specialist (librarian) with responsibility for management and inventory of elementary libraries at Lyle, Oakdale Heights and Whitworth Schools.

Jena Bessell is filling the staff roster at Whitworth teaching 4th grade. The Whitworth teaching position opened with appointment of Johnston to the media specialist role.

Esta Carter brings an additional half-time kindergarten teaching position to Whitworth Elementary.

Two-and-a-half hours additional educational assistant time at Oakdale Heights Elementary is being filled by Karen Benfit.

Both a full time eighth grade CORE/social studies position and a half-time math/science positon at LaCreole Middle School will be filled through recall of staff that has been laid off..

A core class at LaCreole may be added if fewer than 15 students enroll in the band class. "Instructor John Skelton could be reassigned to teach in the area of greatest need," Novotney says.

A full-time math/science position will be added at Dallas High School to alleviate the student-teacher ratio in those areas.

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