Just what is the Luckiamute Watershed Council?

Watershed council packs busy agenda

MONMOUTH -- The Luckiamute Watershed Council works to improve water quality for humans, fish and wildlife.

The Luckiamute Watershed Council was created alongwith dozens of other councils across the state four years ago.

Many streams across the region violate state and federal standards for water quality, said council member Tremaine Arkley.

"Working under the assumption that all of us live downstream from someone else, the council's next job -- with Eve's help -- is to complete an assessment of the watershed to create a clearer picture of the current status of watershed conditions so that the council can develop a plan for activities to improve water quality."

The assessment includes all 202,000 acres of the Luckiamute River watershed and the 34,000 acres of the Ash Creek watershed -- including Monmouth, Independence Buena Vista, Lewisville, Hoskins, American Bottom, Airlie, Kings Valley, Pedee and Suver.

The 200-page assessment is due out in June.

The watershed council is not a governmental entity. Members meet at 7 p.m. the second Thursday of each month at Monmouth Volunteer Hall. The public is welcome.


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