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Input sought on new police, fire facilities

Issue on Aug. 16 Dallas City Council agenda

DALLAS -- City councilors are planning to ask the community for a bond levy to upgrade emergency service facilities in Dallas.

The idea is just in its preliminary stages. But city officials are asking for public input at the Monday, Aug. 16, city council meeting.

The new facilities would include an expansion on the current fire station, and a new police station.

The police and fire chiefs hope that the new buildings will provide more space for them to train fire and emergency volunteers.

"Dallas has one of the best, if not the best, volunteer fire programs in the state, and I for one am interested in insuring that it stays that way far into the future," Councilor Warren Lamb said.

At the Aug. 2 council meeting, city officials looked at some very basic design options for the new structures. All the preliminary designs incorporate structural elements that are already present in the historical downtown district, like the clock tower on the county court house.

The council heard public testimony on the proposed bond levy and left the record open for further citizen commentary. They hope to make a decision about pursuing the levy after hearing further testimony at the Aug. 16 city council meeting.

The city council meetings are held twice a month at 7:30pm in the city hall council chambers.

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