Open steps taken with mediator

Morrison teachers, administrators bring in third party

Opening step

taken with


DALLAS -- A new face has entered talks between Morrison Charter School staff and the Morrison board of directors. The face belongs to mediator Paul Johnson.

He met with Executive Director Don Wildfang and representatives of the Board in a two-hour session the morning of Aug. 9. During that session Johnson was shown the proposed wage and salary schedule for teaching and non-teaching staff members.

At 5 p.m. that day, Johnson met with staff members to review the board's proposal.

"I thought it (the meeting) was good," teacher Ken Guffey said. "I asked (Johnson) not to consider this the start of mediation since we are limited to only 15 days of mediation and we didn't meet with the Board at this time."

Johnson indicated he'd have to determine if that request could be honored.

"We were told by the Board that they would offer a pay package as good as that of Dallas School District," Guffey said.

"Under the package we were shown I'd be making a thousand dollars less at Morrison and another teacher would be making $1,600 less.

"They gave us a pay range of $10.50 to $14.50 an hour for the non-teaching staff but they didn't place anyone on the schedule. We've asked them to let us know how much they're actually going to pay people.

"We also want to know what is being offered as `professional development.'"

Both parties will meet at the same time with the mediator at 11 a.m. Wednesday, Aug. 11, for a further effort to resolve an issue that's remained unsettled for a year.

Both Wildfang and Guffey indicate the two parties are close to agreement.

"If they'd pay the staff the $4,000 reportedly paid Board Chair Don Currey, we'd have agreement on the pay issue," Guffey said.

Wildfang has also indicated the two sides are very close in terms of compensation.

In another matter, language arts teacher Kim Herschler tendered her resignation from Morrison in the past week. She has accepted a teaching position at Neskowin.


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