Dog licenses just got a little cheaper

Commissioners approve license rule changes

POLK COUNTY -- It's now cheaper in Polk County to license your dog.

If you meet certain criteria.

County commissioners unanimously approved changes to the dog licensing fee Aug. 25 and did away with the noncommercial kennel permit.

Now when you license your dog with the county, if you bring in proof that your pet has been fixed and has received a microchip implant that is registered with a national data base, it will cost you $5 to get a one-year dog license.

"What we're doing is rewarding responsible dog owners," Dog Board Chair Lucille Allen, said.

Normally, it would cost $10 for a one-year license if your dog is fixed, and $25 if your dog is fertile.

The county has been offering a discount to dog owners who have their animals spayed or neutered. But now you get an additional discount if your dog is microchipped and registered.

To license your dog, you need a rabies certificate that is valid for at least the next 10 months. If you want the additional discount, you need to provide proof of the microchip and a spay/neuter certificate.

Licenses can be obtained at the Polk County Sheriff's Office, 850 Main St., Dallas.

Fees are higher for fertile dogs and licensing is required by law.

More information is available by calling 503-623-9251 and asking for the animal control officer.


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