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I have to say I am very proud of all the individuals who have enlisted in the Army.

I hold the highest respect for all of these individuals. It saddens me that it has come to this, so many people enlisting.

But when I think of the confidence that builds within these soldiers, I know it is worth it. They volunteer to help keep America safe and strong.

They don't do it for big shots like George Bush or John Kerry. They don't care what Michael Moore has to say about them. They do it for you and me and they need our support.

Each time we are able to say what we want to say or write what we want to write we should all thank all of the soldiers from the past, present and the ones that will be in our future because they make it possible.

Many have paid the ultimate sacrifice and died for this country and they deserve respect and gratitude. A simple yellow magnet on the back of your car saying support our troops shows great respect.

The next time someone tries to brainwash you with a simple opinion, look at all the facts. You do not have to agree with a single word I've written here, but please read this entire article before you bother to disagree.

The Army is more difficult to get into now. You must have a high school diploma and get a high enough score on the ASVAB which you take in the process of enlisting.

The next time you think these people are pushed into a design or they are uneducated, think again.

You'd be surprised. Support them, like they do for us.

Maggie Knaggs



Congratulations are in order for Linfield College for its recently won NCAA Division III National Football Championship and to the Dallas contingent of Assistant Coaches Ron August (former head football coach of the Dallas Dragons) and Trent Schwartz (former Dallas coach and player) and Wildcat players Ty Smith and Jordan Boustead (former players for Dallas High School).

Our family and others from Dallas enjoyed four months of Football Heaven as we watched the 2004 Linfield Wildcats successfully march to the national championship.

A recent editorial in the Statesman Journal had it right when it noted, "Division III football champ has its priorities in right order...studies come first...courses usually taught by professors, not graduate assistants, so faculty members know whether their students -- including athletes -- are showing up and doing well in their studies...Linfield has a state-of-the-art football field, even a nifty scoreboard. It also has a stunning library, which shows its small-college priorities are in the right place."

Next year, Linfield College goes after its 50th consecutive winning season (a national college record in all divisions) and we, along with many other Dallas citizens, will once again be in attendance watching sports at its best.

Hopefully, more Dallas students will benefit from the experience.

Congratulations once again, Linfield College.

William Barber



Thank you to the employees of Pacific Power for donating their safe-life awards for the second year in a row to adopt 12 Christmas families in the Willamette Valley.

They shopped, wrapped and delivered clothes, gifts and food to the families and made Christmas special for 30-plus children.

A big thank you also goes out to the merchants in Albany -- Fred Meyer, Big Five and Shop `N Kart -- which helped us with special deals.

Doris R. Johnston

Pacific Power



We would like to extend a big thank you to the friends and community for all the help on the Shoebox Project, "Operation Christmas Child."

Hi-School Pharmacy donated a $50 gift certificate. The Monmouth library staff donated filled shoeboxes and cash for shipping; Ash Creek Baptist Church filled 61 Shoeboxes and enclosed cash for shipping.

Many donated toys, hygiene items, school supplies and small clothing items. Others helped wrap shoeboxes with Christmas wrap.

Nancy Greer of Farmers Insurance furnished boxes as well as provided a drop-off site.

The ladies of the Independence Assembly of God Church worked hard to wrap and fill many more of the shoeboxes and deliver them to a center in Salem.

Thank you very much.

Please save empty shoeboxes this coming year and give us a call -- Lorene Weston at 503-838-0229 or Anita Dixon or 503-835-5492.

We really appreciate your help.

Lorene Weston


Anita Dixon



This letter is in response to the "Iraq" letter posted last week.

First off, how dare you question the meaning of the lives that have been lost in the Iraq war.?

Those soldiers died because they are protecting the American way of life. This is a war that can and will be won. The motives for this war have nothing to do with greed but for American safety and the basic good of humanity.

Saddam was a horrible person and a threat. President Bush decided it was time to remove that threat so nothing like 9/11 could happen again. We are also rebuilding Iraq.

There are American contractors there doing all they can to help make Iraq strong. It is difficult and a slow process, but it is happening. There have been schools, mosques and hospitals rebuilt.

Iraq will be a better place because of America. You say that clean water, electricity and food are in short supply to the poor people of Iraq. You are right. It is in short supply but the supply is higher than before we went to war with them.

Now when the Iraqi people say they need water and food they won't risk being shot.

They can say they don't like America and they won't be shot. They can say whatever they want and not be shot. That is the power of democracy and America.

Right now things are bad, but they won't always be. Thank you to all of our soldiers in Iraq right now. Not everyone back home thinks you are there for "greed."

Jillian Landry



I wish to thank the postmaster and staff for their good service.

I get mail delivered not properly addressed. In a larger town, it would be returned to the sender.

Thank you.

Margaret Wallin


Gravel pit

in 1917, my grandfather purchased the property that is still occupied by my family. We are raising the fifth generation on the same land.

Our family business also occupies this property and has for more than 50 years.

Adrian VanderHave wants to develop his land. We just want to protect ours. His land has been zoned Exclusive Farm Use. No one is stopping him from using it for that purpose.

A gravel pit in our backyard is the just the tip of the iceberg of our objections. Mr. VanderHave fails to mention that he not only wants to dig a pit, but the plan is to bring in a concrete and asphalt batch plant.

Traffic would be increased to the tune of one truck every 90 seconds, not including asphalt trucks entering or exiting Highway 51. The widening of Highway 51 would destroy a large portion of our yard and a rental house and create increased hazards to customers of the existing business.

Mr. VanderHave has also stated that there would be little risk to the domestic water supply. How much is "little risk" when you are talking about your water supply?

Tom Muller

Polk County


We would like to express our many thanks to the many generous people who live in Dallas for the all donations we have been receiving at our drop box for the Warm & Cozy collection we have hosted for the past 10 years.

Each year, we are amazed over the amount of gloves, hats, mittens, coats and other items of warm clothing that are donated to help many people stay a little warmer every winter.

All the collected articles stay within the community and are gladly received and put to use.

We wish to say a special thank you to Mr. Faxon at Starlite Lanes for allowing us to station our drop box at this business.

Deb Darr

and family


New tax

Here we go again, folks.

The same people who rushed to give us the 24/7 20-mile-per-hour school zone law are going to give us a new tax.

The new supplemental mileage tax is not a replacement of the current gasoline tax. The plan, if passed, would have a GPS device in every new car sold in Oregon.

The GPS unit would beam all of our state-driven miles to a satellite. The information would be sent to the service station where you are refueling so the correct tax could be levied at the pump on the amount of miles driven since your last full tank.

This is all supposed to happen in 2005. A pilot project will monitor 300 Eugene drivers for six months. The U.S. Department of Transportion, Utah, New York and, of course, California will be closely watching the results of the project.

This is all about less money in our pockets, an invasion of our privacy and more control of our freedoms.

Edward L. Headrick

Falls City

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