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Virgil Trick

The choice of Virgil Trick for the Good Samaritan award was so obvious that presenters Carol and Paul Mannen didn't even need to see who had won to figure it out. Or so they said.

The Mannens performed a skit of trying to remember the winner, in the process, listing Trick's record of helping others. He never misses a Tuesday work party at the Delbert Hunter Arboretum, Carol said, even in the snow.

Trick has served on the arboretum's board and as its handyman. He does the bulk of the summer watering for all the native plants in the arboretum.

He has served as an elder in his church and maintains the irrigation system there.

Trick helps provide transportation to elderly people, Paul said. "He's always willing to drive people who can't drive themselves to the doctor or dentist or even to Salem."

Upon winning the award, Trick said he dedicates his volunteer work to Delbert Hunter, the arboretum's namesake who died last year. "I'm just down there at the arboretum trying to finish the things that Delbert started," Trick said.

"And I'll never get them finished."

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