Zoning laws generate heat

Proposed laws target dispute between renters and homeowners

MONMOUTH -- The following seven amendments were drafted by City of Monmouth officials in response to the issues involving overcrowding and noise-disturbances in single family neighborhoods.

The first two ordinance changes on the list apply directly to the number of occupants per dwelling. The others deal with modifications to the home, or lot size changes.

The desired effect of all of the laws is to decrease population density in low-density residential (RS) zones.

The Monmouth Planning Commission will review comments made at last week's public hearing and could decide on recommendations for some of these changes at its July 21 meeting.

City council will consider those recommendations at its Aug. 3 meeting.

The laws include include:

♦ A law reducing changing the definition of "family" for people unrelated by marriage or blood living in a home in an RS zone, by reducing the allowable number of unrelated people in the home from five to three.

The ordinance would not apply to group or assisted living homes.

♦ A law that changes the definition of "family" in RS zones to a group consisting of one person per bedroom in a home, plus one. That group may not exceed five persons.

A law that forbids modifying the garage of a home into a bedroom, unless another standard garage or carport is on the same lot, and the owner/tenants has the required building permits

♦ A law that decreases the maximum number of dwellings per acre from six to four.

♦ A law that increases minimum lot sizes in future subdivisions, by requiring 80 percent of the lots to be 6,000 square feet or more, and that no more than 20 percent be 5,000 square feet or less.

♦ A law that increases the depth of side yards from five to seven feet.

♦ A law that increases lot frontage sizes from 50 feet to 60 feet.

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