What to do with those strawberry shoots

Question: We have strawberry plants that are now one year old and we have noticed that the plants are producing little shoots that have leaves. What should we do about these shoots?

Answer: All strawberry plants product "runners" from the mother plants. Many people simply cut them away from the plant because the runners can draw life force away from the plant.

These little runners are also a great way to produce lots of strawberry plants. I just let the runners go and when I see they have put roots into the ground, I cut the runner away from the mother plant.

If you feel the strawberry bed is getting overcrowded, you might wait until the runners put on roots and gently cut them away from the mother plant and transfer them in another area in your garden or give them away.

Question: I have been getting ready to make jams and jellies. However, there are several descriptions of types of soft spreads. What makes these different?

Answer: Jelly is made by using the "juice" from fruits and is clear when looking at it in a jar.

Jams are made by crushing or grinding the fruit to make a "pulp" to prepare it.

"Conserves" or "preserves" normally have more than one type of fruit and or other ingredients in a mixture that is cut up into small pieces.

"Marmalades" are made by using orange, lemon or another citrus fruit or or peelings cooked with another fruit.


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