Rickreall transition going smoothly

School will continue to host events

DALLAS -- "It looks as if there'll be a Christmas pageant and adequate parking for (Rickreall) Grange activities," were the words from Dallas School Superintendent David Voves to the school board at its July 26 meeting.

The historic Rickreall school facility was recently sold to Jesus Our Jubilee Church and Academy.

Dennis Engle, district director of technology and transportation, has seen his role expand to cover the transition of the physical plant from one owner to another.

Engle complimented the members and leaders of the Dallas elementary school parent groups who raised $1720.80 through a sale of surplus items at the old school.

"It was interesting to see parents going through books, dozens of `em, trying to find their children's names in them. They'd find `em and then buy them," he observed.

A number of historical items have been given the Polk County Historical Museum, also at Rickreall. Mike Barber of the Historical Society was on hand to accept three more such contributions:

A 1961 flyer and metal I.D. tag that was part of a civil defense program to get such tags to every child in the United States. Engle noted that one of the attributes of the i.d. tags was "a high melting point."

Rickreall Community Club record book for 1941 to 1950. Engle read excerpts noting that the club moved quickly in discharging its business. Even to the point of amending its charter between the start and the end of a single meeting. No prolonged committee studies-just action.

And a 1923-24 Directory of School Teachers at all 76 school districts in Polk County. Rickreall's 51 students were taught by three teachers earning between $100 and $155 a month.

Engle did some checking on present value of such compensation for teachers. He informed the Board that "in 2002 dollars similar monthly pay would be between $4,980 and $7,750."

Barber expressed his board's appreciation for the contributions from Rickreall School. "Our exhibit at the Museum has pictures of nearly every one of those district buildings except for about six schools," he said.


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