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Dallas pursues conceptual plans

DALLAS - The Dallas City Council agreed to pursue a public safety conceptual plan that includes a new, two-story police station at the corner of Jefferson and Court streets and an expansion to the current fire station.

City councilors will get a more detailed report from Robertson/Sherwood/Architects at a future meeting.

They will then decide whether to ask voters to approve a bond measure for the plans. The new police station and expanded fire station would total around $3.4 million, architect Carl Sherwood estimated.

Councilors expressed concerns about the design of the new construction. "I want to have a building I'm going to be proud of having a part in building," said Councilor Warren Lamb.

"This is going to last a long time -- past when I'm buried. I want it to be a good building."

Sherwood said the new police station and the remodeled fire station would each last another 40 years.

City Manager Roger Jordan said the specific design would come later. "This is just a footprint plan," he said.

"I know you want something that fits in to the downtown."

Sherwood presented options for the buildings including combining the police and fire stations in a new site. Doing so would require tearing down the old fire station and would cost nearly $6 million altogether.

Councilor LaVonne Wilson called that option "completely unreasonable at this time."

Two other options involved building a new police station connected to the existing fire station. Neither would add a new public building at the corner of Jefferson and Court streets, a council goal. Council President Ken Woods Jr. said he supported the council-preferred option for that reason. "I like option No. 1 because you're looking at a nice new attractive building as you come into town."


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