Jordan follows brother to football award

The two brothers had very different careers on the field.

DALLAS -- On one hand, Grant Boustead II and Jordan Boustead couldn't have had much different high school careers.

Grant was a senior quarterback on the 2000 Dallas High squad that came within a whisker or two of beating Tualatin for the Pac-9 championship. That team also won a playoff thriller against Franklin before losing to a powerful Churchill team in the state quarterfinals.

Jordan, who just graduated, played quarterback, wide receiver and defensive back the past two seasons for the Dragons. The team went 1-17 during that stretch, winning against only Silverton during Jordan's junior season.

"Our numbers drastically decreased the last few years," Jordan said. "I can understand guys not wanting to play. I just played because I have a passion for football. I like to win, but there was no way I'd quit. I knew it'd be a rough road, but I was up for the challenge. A lot of guys were. We just didn't have the numbers to compete.

"My senior year could have been a lot worse. The coaches made the game a lot more fun than it could have been. Changing our offense made it more of a challenge. That was an aspect I really liked, being able to play receiver some of the time. I was still able to take some positives out of it. Every practice was fun."

While Jordan didn't quite match Grant in the win department, he did match his older brother in at least one aspect. Jordan was one of two Pac-9 football players to be awarded scholarships from the National High School Football Association and College Hall of Fame. Grant also received the honor during his senior year.

The players are picked not only for their play on the football field but also on what they do in the classroom and in their communities. Oregon scholarship winners were honored in a ceremony at the Jantzen Beach Doubletree Hotel -- just as they were during Grant senior year.

"With Grant being my role model and idol and best friend, one of my best experiences was being able to receive the same award he did," Jordan said. "It was pretty exciting. Without Grant, I wouldn't be anywhere near the person I am now. I pretty much based my life on him.

"Whatever happened in my career, he was more than supportive. And it was not just showing up at games. It was working with me in the off-season and giving me pointers and tips. We're best friends. There's not much that would be able to pull us apart, anyway."

Grant and Jordan are similar in appearance and stature. Both also seem driven to excel in everything they do.

"It's been ingrained in me since I was born," Jordan said. "My parents (Judy and Grant) brought me up that way. Grant was brought up that way. It's important to be part of the community and help out however you can, get good grades and go off to college. It came fairly naturally because that's what was expected of us."

While the two brothers have much in common, it's also clear they have different personalities. Grant is a personable individual but does have a bit of an "edge." Jordan is quite competitive but still would rather kill you with kindness.

"Jordan is a very smart kid," said Scot McDonald, who coached both Grant and Jordan in football and baseball. "Growing up as a coach's son, he has a little more savvy than the average kid. Jordan's a hard worker, too. He's always doing something extra to try and make himself better.

"Jordan's definitely a people person. He's always active doing something, whether it's youth groups or friends or student government or whatever. Grant II was a little more hard-nosed, whatever it takes to get it done. Jordan's more of a finesse-type guy. Not that he's afraid to get down and dirty, but Jordan's a lot more of a nice guy."

Not surprisingly, Jordan will follow Grant II up 99W in the fall to attend classes at Linfield College.

"I'm excited about the opportunity to go and spend a year with him," Jordan said. "Hopefully I'll get to spend a year playing baseball with Grant. I jumped at that opportunity. I always wanted to play with him in high school and never got the opportunity. This is my next opportunity. It's always been my dream to play on the same field, the same team with him."


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