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I go to LaCreole Middle School in Dallas. I recently heard that sports activities might be cut next year due to lack of school funds.

In my opinion, this is very terrible and students' lives will be changed immeasurably.

There are many things that can help solve the budget problem, which is the main reason for this bogus incident.

We could do fund raisers, raise prices on various things, auction off many antiques and save money and not buy things we don't need like the new LaCreole sign.

All we need is some spirit to do the possible.

Many teachers will be discriminated against in a "no sports" town.

Dallas must have sports or many complaints will erupt. Dallas won't get any money from students paying for their athletic needs.

I am writing this because I am an athlete myself and trying to help my fellow athletes.

I can almost guarantee that many adults who are involved with athletic activities will quit their jobs when they hear of this.

How will students get scholarships to certain colleges when they have only so much athletic experience when they could play all through middle and high school?

Dallas is known for being a great athletic city so we must not let sports go to waste.

Julian McBurnett



The quality level of public education for our children has been diminished by many factors.

Key among them is the classroom teacher who feels they need a labor union to extort from the community the respect that in past years had been earned through teaching excellence.

Perhaps this is why public school teachers have become so enamored with their membership in the Oregon Education Association.

Teaching is really a craft, not a profession. The proof is in the core academic curriculum and the way their union conducts itself.

I have two problems with a scenario that suggests teaching excellence and union membership are mutually exclusive. First, if public school teachers want to be considered professionals, they must act in a professional manner and not be aligned with any labor union or radical labor movement.

Secondly, our children are currently being taught by teachers who are active, committed union members. These union teachers have active political agendas that are one-sided, detract from the educational mission and are contrary to the conservative fiscal views of our community.

I would rather send my children to any denomination of a Christian or a private school where ethics and morality are more important than learning about the ills of society as seen through the eyes of a liberal union member whose only brush with reality was as an undergraduate in some teachers college.

Reread some of the student letters asking us to vote for increased taxes for the schools. I make my point. The liberal union teacher bias is alive and well in our classrooms today.

Oregon is not a union worker's state but you would never know it from the letters our high school students were sending to the newspaper. I suspected extra credit was given to each student whose letter was published in your newspaper.

I submit I do not want our youth being taught how to become a union activist.

I do not want my children being educated by the equivalent of a John L. Lewis school where teachers are members of the United Mine Worker's Union.

Perhaps our state's current economic plight in some measure is related to past generations having been exposed to liberal union rhetoric and activism in the classroom.

Charles Blackwood


Fund raiser

We want to extend a great big thank you to UGO's Pizza.

We held a fund raiser there March 2. It was a huge success.

Our youth group is going on a mission trip to Tecate, Mexico over spring break. There was a lot of support from our church family and the community.

A special thank you goes out to the patrons from the community that did not know about our fund raiser and showed support by being patient and sometimes enduring a longer than usual wait.

Again -- to Ed, Tony and all the crew who worked that night -- thank you much on behalf of the Salt Creek Baptist Church youth group and chaperones.

Cindy Domaschofsky



It is beginning to look as if television programming is running out of "cutting edge" story lines.

As we may have noticed, the existing story lines are getting pretty routine. Man constantly looks for sexual conquest. Woman constantly looks for someone to sleep with that night.

Allie McBeal sleeps with anyone willing -- male and female. On "Will and Grace," sex with anyone is a topic worthy of continuous sniggers and guffaws.

Speaking of sniggers, Anna Nicole Smith acts out her slovenly morality on a weekly basis. On and on it goes. Once in our culture sexual promiscuity was a sin under the Judeo-Christian ethic.

Apparently, it is now simply a topic for constant rehashing in prime time television. Of course, violence is right up there too. A few years ago I read an interview in "TV Guide" with Stephen Bochco (creator of several prime time shows).

In regard to the subject show, he was asked about his high point of the season. His response was that it was the showing of a man being shot in the chest at close range with a 12-gauge shotgun

The realism of that scene was a thing of pride for Mr. Bochco.

So where do we go from here? We have just about worn out violence, promiscuity, multi-sexuality and vulgarity.

Luckily, I have a few ideas. For starters there could be a show about an abusive priest who directs an orphanage for young boys. The potential for wink and nod laugh lines is enormous.

How about necrophilia? The tall "Addams Family" sort of a character (and his bumbling assistant) who runs the funeral home could be the foil for a nearly unlimited list of sniggers and guffaws.

Then of course, there is beastiality. The jolly, unmarried, chubby veterinarian. If these ideas seem outrageous to you then you simply need to wait a bit because TV will change your perspective.

So, as is currently the rage, is it time to blame the broadcasters and advertisers? Sorry, kind folks, but if you wish to blame someone you had best look in the mirror. Here's how it works.

Shows that draw a lot of viewers produce the most income from advertisers. That is because people who watch certain shows buy the products advertised.

Hence popular shows make money. That is just plain good capitalism at work.

The solution to the TV quality problem could possibly be evident in the paragraph above. Having a government agency do the moral judging and monitor the networks will work only as well as everything else the government tries to do. Poorly at best.

Trash TV is just like illegal drugs and pandering politicians. These activities will continue so long as there is public support for the same. The consumer is indeed king (or queen).

Sadly, kings and queens can be base and venal too.

Fred Brown



I have been watching developments in the Polk County Commissioner's race with great interest.

It seems to me that the situation isn't unlike a starting quarterback telling the coach before the beginning of the next season he doesn't plan to play this year.

Other members of the team redouble their efforts and practice all through the preseason to make sure they can lead the team. Then the week of the season opener last year's quarterback comes to the coach and says, "I've been thinking about it and I want to be quarterback."

Let's see what some of the new talent can do. Stan Butterfield and some of these other folks show great promise.

They have the chance at looking at the county issues with a new viewpoint that could make a needed change in the way Polk County does business.

Joe Bowers



What is marriage? For generations people have believed that marriage is between a man and a woman because our country believed there is a God who has given instructions on how to live.

In the beginning God created male and female and said, "Man shall leave his father and mother and cling to his wife, and they shall become one flesh." This is clear.

But for those who do not believe there is a God and reject the teaching of the Bible, the Koran and the Torah, there is no standard or guideline higher than man's imagination.

The apostle Paul speaks of these people who refuse to honor God and His Word and writes, "Professing to be wise, they become fools. They give themselves over to lust in their hearts and dishonor their bodies among themselves. Women exchange the natural use of their bodies for what is against nature. And men leaving the natural use of woman, burn with lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful."

Without the absolute standard set by God, whom we honor, people, on their own, feel free to do what is "right" in their own eyes. This is a dangerous road that our country is on following the wrong "god," namely man himself. There is sex without limit, killing unborn babies without conscience, rapes, drugs, stealing, lying, greed, and anything else that come to the imagination.

What will come next? Where will it end? May God have Mercy on our State and Country.

Betty Faul



To Rose Burgett who has returned to being a greeter at WalMart, I am so thankful that you are back after the months you were off because of your accident and injury.

Many prayers went up for you. You have been such a blessing to so many with your "smile" and the love you always show everyone.

You have meant a lot to our whole family. God bless you. Rosella Wall



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