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Riddles return from their trip to Mexico

Mark and Kathy Riddle of Maxfield Creek Road just arrived home from Mexico.

They talked about building their house at the Feb. 29 worship service.

They went to Mexico in December.

They also showed a tape of their building project as well as the people they met and their many interesting experiences. People knew they were Christians and were very helpful.

Mark and Kathy don't speak the language very well yet. They plan to take some classes before they return.

Their grandchildren, Savannah and Mark, of Dallas were with them for Sunday school and children's church.

Nonie Burbank, Alberta Jones and Arlene Kovash served cookies, punch and coffee after the service.


Release class teacher Geraldine McKinney continued Bible lessons from the prophet Elisha Feb. 27 at the Pedee Church.

Five children attended.

Ken McKinney led the memory verse and completed the mission story.

There will be no Release Classes in March.


Aaron and Nonie Burbank went to Portland the afternoon of Feb. 29 and moved his son, Larry Burbank, from the care home to McMinnville.

He is much improved since his fall during the snow and ice storm in January and is starting to walk again.

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