Pedee student honored

Pay and Opal Lutke will attend the Pedee Evangelical Church's 10 a.m. service Sunday, June 13. Their dramatic and musical presentation is called "In One Accord."


Paul and Arlene Kovash attended the Dallas High School FFA banquet May 11.

Their grandson, Brennan Burbank, received proficiency awards in beef production and public speaking and was honored as the chapter's "Star Greenhand."

He received a scholarship to help with project work. He was also initiated as next year's chapter president.

His mother, Suzanne Burbank, was made an honorary FFA member for her work on the chapter's advisory committee.

His brother, Derek, and friend, Megan Anderson, were among those helping to serve at the banquet. They are 4-H Cooking Club members.


The last Good News Release Class this school year was held May 11 at the Pedee Church. Geraldine McKinney led the Bible lesson of Daniel telling King Nebuchadnezzar the meaning of his dream.

Ken McKinney finished the mission story and led the verse review. There were six students from school and Ken's sons, Noah and Ethan, attending the meeting.


Paul and Betty Ronco's families came home May 15 and worked landscaping the front yard.


A.S. Jr. and Pat Lyday of Kings Valley attended the family gathering May 15, honoring Pat's sister, Lois Burbank Marquardt, on her 80th birthday May 16.

The celebration was held at the home of Lois' son, Marvin Marquardt in Eugene.

The party was hosted by her sons and their families, Kenny and Marvin of Eugene and Mickey Marquardt of San Jose, Calif.

They had a big barbecue. Then they enjoyed music and singing.

Her nephews, Curtis McCormack of Salem and Johnnie Mills of Eugene (and Johnnie's son, Marvin) played their guitars. Robin Pelton of Salem was one of the singers.

Lois' oldest sister, Pearl Mills of Eugene, was among those attending.


Pacific Conference Superintendent Victor Slaughter led the 10 a.m. worship service May 16 at the Pedee Memorial Evangelical Church.

Using I Corinthians 10, he reminded us that Paul was writing to these Christians to be mindful of what was happening around them.

Then Rev. Slaughter reminded us that we must accept and teach that the Bible is the word of God, follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and then have fellowship with other believers.

The potluck dinner was served about 11:30 a.m. The Rev. Slaughter presented the conference vision and mission at the local council meeting following the dinner.

Aaron Burbank was elected as alternate lay member to the annual conference.

After the council meeting, the superintendent met with the pastor-parish committee.


The Ladies Afternoon Tea May 15 at the Pedee Memorial Evangelical Church was attended by 27 women and four children. The dessert lunch was served at about 1 p.m.

Patty Griffin of Dallas, an experienced appraiser, explained how items are valued.

Then she made selections from the table loaded with antiques and ohter items of interest.

She appraised postcards, dishes, jewelry, a school pencil box and other things.

She left time to speak about her life goals.

As a young person, she longed to be perfect athletically, socially and scholastically. Through a friend and her future husband, she realized that God loves us as we are as we strive to do his will.

Patty's message encouraged to all who heard it.

At random times during the afternoon, Patty asked questions of her audience pertaining to the information she had been sharing and information about those attending. Those who answered the questions first and/or correctly, were asked to select a special gift from Patty out of a basket carried around the room by helper Kathy Riddle.

This was fun for the group and allowed them to get to know each other just that much more.


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