'ROUND TOWN by Curt Lamb

Voting an important responsibility

Next month, we voters make decisions that will affect our government for years.

We are hearing a lot of opinions from pundits on different issues and how they know the "right" answers.

No matter what they think, it is still up to you and me how it all will turn out.

Do your thing. Vote! It's your right.


I hope all of you are watching trees as they go into the dormant part of their year.

Maples leaves turn brilliant red and hold their colors for weeks until our good ol' Oregon rains start. This will be something for us to watch this fall and winter, especially with Mount St. Helens blowing ash all over the Northwest.

Now we can wonder what it will do to the landscape underneath. We all get to watch what happens.


The new dividing island at the North Dallas entrance is now very attractive to look at compared to the old wrap around curb sidewalk.

Yes, it is definitely a most attractive improvement for all of us to enjoy in the years ahead. The wait was worth it after all. Thank you, planners.


The large leaf compost piles are starting to form at Dallas City Park, where they begin heating up and breaking down into mulch for flower beds.

They return the good things that create garden beds in parks around Dallas. This is the reason our parks are so nice. We have people in the system who do a great job year in and year out. Thanks! You are doing great.


The baseball division playoffs are going on. It is amazing to me how many people come to those games.

The thousands of fans are tremendous to see on my TV every evening. What a drawing power they have for those fans, who stay for every last minute of the game. Nobody leaves their seats. Fantastic. That's all I can say


I haven't told you about the Dallas Aquatic Center for awhile. There are some great things throughout the week for you and your family.

The pool with its river current of six miles per hour helps people do their leg exercises to strengthen their legs after knee replacements or hip replacement.

It is one of the ways the pool can help. Water has a way of helping one exercise without having to put weight on the newly repaired limb or arm.

I witness men and women regain their physical abilities to walk and swim back to being able to walk like they had prior to their operation.

The fact that they can do it without pain is a wonderful gift.


The Dallas Kiwanis Club Christmas Tree Project committee is selecting trees to sell. We will not be able to have our lot at Main and Court streets this year. But we will be more or less in the middle of the block across from Dallas City Hall.

That way, we will not be that far from our present location. We will be able go back in our old location next year. We will be watching for you.


We must see to it we have adequate funds for the Dallas School District in the coming years. With an expanding population, more children are a part of that change.

Just because you are getting older and you have no children in the Dallas School system, does not cease your responsibilities as a citizen of Dallas.

We need to remember when our children were in school and we were buying our homes and had monthly mortgage, car payments and grocery bills. Stop your whining. You're still living better than the most of the world and don't you forget it.


The other thing we have to take care of is the need for increased building space for the Dallas police and fire departments.

The need for office space continues to be a major issue along with the expansion of the fire station. This keeps local government efficient.

We all knew this day was going to come and here it is. Citizens have been meeting and the city council has been discussing alternatives.

Get a brochure and look it over. Ask your questions now. Election time is not that far away.


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