Library getting new roof

Work began last week

DALLAS -- The Dallas Library is getting a new roof.

Last week, work crews began applying a thin membrane to the top of the library building. Then they sealed it.

That's a bit of a simplified explanation. But local contractor Gary Rettler and his roofer have used this membrane system on other roofing projects in the area and said it is highly effective on flat roofs prone to collecting water.

"The library was built in the '80s and has had a real leaking problem for quite a few years," City Manager Roger Jordan said.

The city council had set aside $15,000 in this years budget to make the needed repairs. However, according to a memo sent out to council members last week, the initial repair budget isn't big enough.

"Based on our discussions with Carl Sherwood, our architect, and others on roofing, it is clear that the correction should be more comprehensive than continuing to repair each leak, which adds up each year," Jordan said in a memo to the city council.

The repairs will cost $51,411 and will take 60 days to complete, assuming the weather cooperates.

The city purchasing law was recently amended to allow the city manager to approve emergency contracts under $75,000 as long as an emergency is declared.

"This year's general fund contingency has a total of just over $370,000, and our beginning balance carry over into this year's budget was $75,000 from our projection. The unanticipated increase in expenditures should not affect the overall budget," Jordan said.


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