Independence police log 128 arrests in August

Arrest statistics largest since January and September of 2002

INDEPENDENCE -- Independence police officers made 128 arrests in August, the third highest monthly total for the department during the past three years.

The figure is the largest since January and September of 2002, when 134 and 133 arrests were made, respectively.

"It was a busy month," Sgt. Rick Igou said. "It's capping what's been a busy summer for us."

Independence police officers made 71 arrests in April this year. There's been at least 100 arrests per month since May. Igou said what stands out most in the August figure is what doesn't stand out. Most of the arrests were individual cases, with almost no high profile crimes the total number could be attributed to.

"It would be easy to say that there were a lot of arrests because there were a couple of big college parties or an arrest where we hit somebody with 28 counts of a crime," he said. "But that hasn't been the case in August."

Officers made 15 arrests for violent crimes and did 44 juvenile referrals. They made 19 arrests for alcohol-related violations and seven for drug crimes.

Igou said being occupied with so many arrests means less personnel resources to direct toward other enforcement activities, such as random patrols.

The most prevalent crimes aren't always reflected in the number of arrests, he also said.

"That's the downside of being so busy," he said. "We're now starting to see a greater occurrence in things like graffiti around town."


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