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8/31 Letters

Dodge's statements

are disappointing

How disappointing to read Commissioner Ron Dodge's statements during the last public meeting, concerning child-sex offender David Ray Lee, in last week's paper.

We expected Dodge, as our elected official, to be a stronger advocate for us by taking action to have Lee removed from his current residence, especially after Silbernagel, director of community corrections, confessed at the first public meeting that he had no knowledge of the school bus stop on the very corner of Lee's residence, the city park a block away, and the two next-door neighbors with daughters in Lee's preferred target age group.

A thorough investigation considering the proximity or "nearness" of the offender to our children, was not done.

We were promised a reinvestigation. Surely, these factors would change the outcome.

Instead, at the last meeting, Silbernagel declared that Lee would remain in our neighborhood and that proximity is not as important as other factors.

Would children have to be living in Lee's very residence for him to be removed from the location?

Dodge's comments about a "yardstick," that he didn't know how to define "near" and that "there's children in every neighborhood in the county," made us lose our trust and faith in his ability to represent us.

It is little comfort that the Board of Commissioners is willing to consider proposals regarding a written set of sex offender placement guidelines. To what end? We have not been listened to us thus far.

We voted for Dodge and his fellow commissioners. Silbernagel is not our elected official; the commissioners are, however, his boss.

We ask them to restore our faith, by using their influence to remove Lee from our neighborhood. Otherwise, their lack of leadership in this matter will be remembered.

You can be sure that when/if they are interested in re-election, copies of Lee's mug shot will be placed "near" to any sign posted and a "yardstick" will not be needed.

Scott and C.J. Peets



What's up with

our government?

First, we're all asked to be more vigilant to help our law enforcement fight terrorism. But, on the other hand, you do and you're fired.

That's the message from our local Dallas DMV.

Case in point, LaVay Jeffries, a 15-year DMV employee, was recently fired for trying to be vigilant and calling the police when he felt someone was trying to get licenses for others illegally.

In essence, the DMV is telling its employees to turn a blind eye to illegal activity or be fired. What a way to intimidate its employees and impose its political views!

Those who worked with him and know him are in shock because LaVay, a retired Air Force officer, was one of the most friendly and helpful employees ever. He was well-known, well-liked, and one of the most caring individuals around. He literally would give you the shirt off his back.

Now he's caught in the middle of a political debate where DMV officials want to separate themselves from law enforcement.

But, isn't that just how one of the 9-11 terrorists got his Florida drivers license which eventually allowed him to carry out the Sept. 1 attack?

Shouldn't the DMV be proactive in our fight against terrorism? In fact, shouldn't it be on the front lines?

If you think DMV employees should be vigilant and report suspected illegal activities, if you want to help LaVay in this wrongful termination, or if you just want to help protect yourself and loved ones, contact your local representative, or join us in contacting State Rep. Vicki Berger at 900 Court St. N.E. H-488, Salem, OR 97301 and express your concerns regarding this issue.

Aaron Jeffries

Christy Jeffries



Resource available

to check on e-mails

I have to agree with you regarding chain letters. A great many of them are just made-up junk.

You missed telling people about a great resource that I use a lot to check on these and other urban legends: They are a great resource and I really rely on them.

I have a couple of e-mail correspondents for whom the word "gullible" was apparently invented. BTW, I retired from the Oregon Department of Corrections three years ago ... as e-mail administrator. I got VERY familiar with this stuff, supporting 3,500 people.

Ron Parks



Thanks for job well

done with concerts

We want to thank all the sponsors for the wonderful Dallas Sounds of Summer concerts.

It was great to see so many sponsors this year, and the schedule was terrific as always.

We want to thank the Swindle family for the stage lighting.

We really enjoy the concerts every year and will give our support to the sponsors. Keep up the good work. We are looking forward to next year.

Wayne and Priscilla Lewallen



Two worthwhile events

make for great day

What a great day my family and I had on Aug. 23 -- two free events, sponsored by Polk County!

I wanted to thank the Polk County Fire Station and Traci Weston, on behalf of Dallas MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers), for hosting the Car Seat Safety Check.

The Fire Station provided a bay for drive-through checking and Traci was very thorough in her inspections. I had my car-seats checked in the morning and it's great to know our kids are buckled in safely.

I also want to thank the Mid-Valley Hospital and Dallas Chamber for the tickets to the Salem Volcanoes game.

In the evening, our entire family was able to go and we enjoyed our time at the game.

Thank you!

Kelsey Ensz



Walgreen's not needed

in this community

It has come time to the voice my opinion about Walgreens' attempt to locate in Monmouth. Many of our local business people, residents and families have let their concerns be known. They went unheard. Let's go beyond the traffic nightmare and the noise. Let's think about who this will effect: families and their way of life.

I am the manager of Hi-School Pharmacy/ACE Hardware in Independence. I consider my customers part of my family, a family the has been together for 18 years. And we do whatever we need to do for that family. We deliver items to those who cannot make into the store. We have provided diapers and medicines to families in need. We sponsor league teams, we donate to the FFA, CHS athletics, WOU athletics, and other local organizations. This is what "family" does.

Walgreens claims they will create 35 jobs. At whose expense? Our family? As the manager, I cannot let this happen. I would like the City of Monmouth and Walgreens to know that my family and I do not want or need Walgreens.

I would like my loyal customers, my family, know that Hi-School Pharmacy is here for you. We have been for 18 years, and we will be in the future.

Patrick Merrifield



TV programming aimed

at small minds

It's the little things that make up daily living.

Why do people say the quality of television programming is bad? I've watched minor celebrities play poker (will he raise with only a pair of sixes?) That's high drama, indeed.

I've seen people yell at each other on stage, although I couldn't understand them because half their words were "bleeped."

One guy hit another over the head with a chair. What fun!

I watched a pregnant 300-pound girl of 16 whining, "Why did my boyfriend leave me?"

I also saw a repeat of a football game I'd missed in November 1973 and a repeat of the basketball game between Northeast Louisiana Tech and Southwestern Arkansas Remedial College.

Once I had six chances a day, for a month, to see the "premier" of a TV movie made in 1982.

On any day I can watch cop videos of reckless drivers being stopped. What's not to like about that?

There's a show where bikini-clad beauties are suspended over water as they try to grab as many flags as they can. But, I don't look at the girls, I just listen to the terrific dialogue, "You ready?" "Uh, yeah."

When I want to see violence in the name of "entertainment," I no longer have to go to the opera. I can watch nature shows, or the evening news.

Adults who expect quality TV don't get it. Television moguls aim their programming at the attention span of an average 10-year-old.

But don't complain, or they'll aim it where the adult average really is -- about 8-years-old.

Please, no sarcastic comments; you've had enough for today.

Charles Ellsworth



To call insurgents

warriors is disgrace

In your Aug. 24 editorial regarding Iraq, you stated that the "U.S. presence has created an ongoing arena in which terrorists can refine their skills and develop their warriors."

To even suggest that Iraqi insurgents are so-called "warriors" is absolutely ludicrous and disgraces the efforts of our fellow countrymen and women.

The real warriors are our friends and loved ones who have sacrificed their lives in hope of attaining accomplishment for the greater good.

Instead, of trying to justify the insurgency, I suggest you acknowledge and appreciate all of the husbands, sons, cousins, brothers, daughters and friends who put their lives on the line every day to make the world a better place.

Travis J. Pike



Thanks to all my

loyal customers

I would like to take this opportunity to thank every one of you who supports my business -- from signing the petition to fight for me to stay, to putting up with the inconvenience of getting "in and out" at this time. So many of you are willing to go the extra steps from parking in Safeway's lot and walking over.

Your support through this whole "intersection change" has meant a lot to me.

I would like you to know that in a few more months we should be at the end of it all.

When the state is finished, I have my plans of redesigning the parking lot to make it more convenient. It will have easy access in, and out.

There will be plenty of parking with an exit out the back and a new look in the front that I hope you'll all enjoy.

I appreciate your continued support and look forward to seeing you all!

Bert Waddell

Bert's Family Restaurant



Thanks to those who

helped with Jubilee

Thanks to all who made the August 13 "Gospel Jublilee" a success, especially Keth Aldrich for the stage setup and tear-down; Richard Mann and Bill Foster, who served as sound techs; Jerod Pressler for his role as stage manager; and the Central High band for refreshments.

Music included solists and bands from area churches for the first "Gospel Jubilee" at the Riverview Park amphitheater in Independence.

Your support is appreciated.

Rick Gydesen

Events Coordinator

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