PEDEE NEWS by Nola Womer

Pedee celebrates Christmas by candlelight

The Christmas candlelight service at the Pedee Evangelical Church was well attended Christmas Eve.

Pam Burbank lit the white Christ candle in the center of the Advent wreath and the other four candles.

Teresa Jahn Gitomer of Charlotte, N.C., played Christmas music on the organ and sang in honor of her late father Bob Jahn.

She spent the holidays with relatives in Pedee.

The Rev. Lonnie Burbank read scriptures and other Christmas writings.

Everyone lit a candle from one held by Lonnie or Pam.

The service closed with the singing of "Silent Night, Holy Night."

Among those attending were Pam, Jock, Maurice and Lois Dalton of Dallas; Erika, Chris and Hallie Sickendick of Fir Grove; Carrie and Mike James of Albany; Jim, Vickie, Cole and Zane Baker of Dallas; and Tim, Nick and Debbie South.


Dan Hayes lit the five candles of the Advent wreath for the worship service Dec. 26.

Teresa Gitomer played the organ. There was no Sunday school.

Pat Lyday said her nephew, Steve Singler, and wife have moved to Newport from Las Vegas and joined the relatives at Christmas.

The pastor's message was "What Did You Get for Christmas?" He closed the service with a reading by Norman Vincent Peale.

Among those attending were Linda Chertudi of Salem; Maurice and Lois Dalton of Dallas; Alvin and Elsie Jones of Prineville; and Kelly Hokit of Phoenix, Ariz.


My sister, Nila Shellenbarger of Monmouth, and I were birthday dinner guests of her son and daughter-in-law, Larry and Mary Shellenbarger of Buena Vista, Dec 21.

It was Larry's birthday. Others guests included Julie, Chris, Paige and Emma Austin of Sherwood; and Geri Niccoli of Buena Vista.

Paige blew out a candle on a birthday cake. She celebrated her second birthday Dec. 18 with relatives and friends in Sherwood. Julie's birthday was Dec. 23.

Everyone celebrated Christmas at Larry and Mary's home Dec. 26. They were joined by Joni and Stephen Anderson of Hermiston and Lonnie Shellenbarger of Oregon City.

They shared Christmas dinner and exchanged gifts.

Paul and Arlene Kovash spent Christmas with their daughters, Suzanne Burbank and Lorraine Odell, and their families.

They enjoyed exchanging gifts.

Pedee Creek neighbors Chris and Jennifer Vandenberg and Sam and Judy Guida came later that evening. Sam and Judy brought Sam's niece, Jackie Guida.

Jackie is visiting from Tampa, Fla.

Everyone enjoyed Christmas dinner and visiting.

Jackie, who spendt the holidays at the farm, just completed her nurse's training. She'll move to Los Angeles, Calif., this month.


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