'ROUND TOWN by Curt Lamb

Demolished building leaves behind memories

OK! OK! No more bricks! It was the Orange Bowl game that was lousy, not the Rose Bowl.

I apologize profusely.


History was made on the corner of Washington and Main streets in Dallas last week.

There was a fence around the former Standard Chevron gasoline station. A hydraulic shovel took the building down, piece by piece. It was put in dump trucks and hauled away.

By the time you read this column, there will probably be nothing but level ground. No station. No empty building -- just a plain empty space.

In mentioning the old Howard Fleming Service, I have to mention Ernie Anderson and Nick Martin.

They were Dallas High graduates. They always treated me kindly and teased me about different things. I enjoyed that very much.

Ernie and Nick were good friends of mine as the years moved on. They are just plain good people and I like them for that.


Start watching the North Dallas intersection for changes in that part of the community in the coming months.

The Bert's Restaurant parking lot has red paint and ribbons on both sides. It has been something to see these past few months.

Lots of rumors have started over our coffee cups -- the cups that Bert had our names painted on. We search for our cups every morning.

She did that for each of us. How thoughtful, Bert. It's just like you. Thanks.


What a response Dallas students had to the tsunami.

Seventh- and eighth-graders raised more than $1,016 and donated it to Red Cross International Response Fund.

What thoughtfulness.

Once again, they showed their great willingness to share with those in need. It makes you proud of them.

They also helped Dallas Christmas Cheer take care of 160 families by helping pack out and deliver the food from the Dallas National Guard Armory building.

They did it in great style and were finished by 10:30 a.m.

You are great people. What a gift you all are.


Please turn your headlights on in the morning and at night.

It is just plain spooky to have some car come out of the fog or mist without its lights on.

Don't get mad. Just turn your lights on so you can be seen. It's common sense. The lights don't cost a penny. Think "safety first" and save us from another accident.

Speaking of accidents, it tears at your heart when you read the stories in the MADD newsletter about drunk drivers killing a family.

All because the drivers thought they could drink all they wanted and safely drive home. How stupid can a human being be?

Most of them don't stop there. They try it one more time because now they think they know how to handle it.

How terribly sad that is for the next victim.


I'd like to end this column on a positive note.

The last Red Cross Blood Drawing in Dallas was held at the Dallas Presbyterian Church.

More than 70 people responded and 60 were able to donate.

Ten people were deferred and one not able to complete the process.

These people need to complimented for their volunteer effort. It is very important.

The next donation date is Monday, Feb. 28, at the church.


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