Perry formally approved as superintendent

Contract calls for $99,500 during first year

DALLAS -- It's official. Christy Perry was unanimously chosen to become the new superintendent of Dallas School District effective July 1.

The Whitworth Elementary principal and district human resources director will assume the new role under terms of a three-year contract she signed at the Jan. 24 meeting of the Board. Signing for the board was Mike Timmerman, chairman.

In the first year of the contract, Perry will be compensated at an annual rate of $99,500. The Dallas superintendent is, reportedly, among the lower-paid among comparably sized districts in the state. In fact, in the Pac-9 athletic league of which Dallas is part, it will be the lowest-paid superintendent position.

The superintendent serves as chief executive officer of the district. Goals and objectives for the ensuing school year will be developed prior to July 30 of each year by the board and superintendent. Those will form a portion of the criteria used by the board in its annual evaluation of the superintendent.

The district's chief executive is required to render 12 months of full and regular service to the district. Fringe benefits for the Dallas superintendent are in line with those afforded other district administrators.

Termination of the contract without cause could result in a lump sum payment to the superintendent as well as continuation of benefits for the remainder of the contract term.

All members of the board approved the hiring of Perry as superintendent. Board member Kevin Crawford, although absent, submitted a letter supporting the appointment.

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