Stories for July 2005


Wednesday, July 27


Still knocking 'em down

DALLAS -- Loren Faxon moved to Dallas in 1961 to work as a mechanic at Starlite Bowling Lanes. And as a bowler, he gave himself five years to get his average above 200.

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Artic Museum thrives as valuable resource

MONMOUTH -- But for the sign advertising the Jensen Arctic Museum, there would be little to attract attention to the unassuming, one-story building at the corner of Church Street and Stadium Drive.

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Friday, July 22


Wednesday, July 20


OK, Dallas: Make a wish

POLK COUNTY -- NBC will soon premier its latest reality show, a heart-warmer called "Three Wishes," and casting directors are on the lookoput for the next little town to benefit from some Hollywood magic.

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Teens clean up watershed

CUTLINES: John Roy, 16, pulls weeds on the banks of South Ash Creek as part of a summer jobs and education program. Charles Redon, watershed coordinator, shows Molly Agee (hair in eyes) and Tasha Pointer (pink sweatshirt) how to identify sedges and rushes. Photos by Gail Oberst

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Because SQUARE is cool

RICKREALL -- The rustling of fluffed netting whispers a rhythmic strain beneath the music, as couples turn and swing across a wooden floor.

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Wednesday, July 13


Residents vow to stall Walgreens

MONMOUTH -- Last week's decision by the Monmouth City Council to allow a zone change to accomodate the building of a Walgreens store was not the outcome several community members had hoped for.

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Le Closet is l'answer

DALLAS -- A new program aimed at providing low-income people with professional clothing for job interviews has opened its doors in downtown Dallas.

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Wednesday, July 6


Community Foundation awards top $146,000

MONMOUTH/INDEPENDENCE -- During its five years of existance, the Monmouth-Independence Community Foundation distributed more than $146,000 to community groups and schools, representatives from the organization said.

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