Stories for March 2005


Wednesday, March 30


Guest opinion: It does matter

I am writing this from a tent inside the 727th Expeditionary Air Control Squadron tech site. It is a lazy Sunday afternoon; in a short while I'll be walking out to the TSQ-23 Operations Modules (OMs) we control the air

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3/30 LIVING engagement: louie-christensen

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Wednesday, March 23


Ash Creek students shows kids what's cookin'

MONMOUTH -- Richard Olson arranges the silverware, lays out the ingredients and gives the tables a last-minute shine before his cooking students enter his classroom at Monmouth Elementary School.

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Wednesday, March 16


Lord of the Slums

MONMOUTH -- For Aaron Wheeler and Jamie Peck, the renting horror stories began just after they moved into their duplex on Fleischman Street last summer.

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Thursday, March 10


Wednesday, March 9


Wednesday, March 2


Lawmakers hear pros, cons of telecom bill

SALEM -- Telecommunication industry representatives and local government officials opined before state lawmakers last week on a controversial proposal that would set new guidelines for creating municipally-operated telecoms.

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Top Teachers Named

Pennie Freeburg of Independence Elementary and Bridget Weldon-Ott of Talmadge are selected at Teachers of the Year.

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