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Bright students abound

3/9 MI Student Citizenship Awards

Every year, Central School Disctrict teachers choose outstanding students at various schools for recognition at the Community Awards Banquet. This year's winners are:

Taylor Huffman

, a fourth-grade student at Monmouth Elementary School.

Huffman has a reputation for empathy and selflessness among her peers and for always being on task in the classroom, her teachers said.

"Today's world sorely needs more Taylors," they said. "She is strong, kind, reliable and fun."

Ty Phillips

, a sixth-grade student at Ash Creek Intermediate School.

Phillips is actively involved in several of school-sponsored programs at Ash Creek, such as Battle of the Books and Soar into Reading. He participates in community sports year round.

"He shows outstanding citizenship at our school and in our community," his teachers said.

Horalia Rangel

, an eighth-grade student at Talmadge Middle School.

Rangel, or "Lala", volunteered her time Talmadge's yearbook project when she realized the staff didn't represent the diversity of her school, and worked to make the publication more reflective of the student body.

"She is always the first to volunteer to help anyone in class who doesn't understand," her teachers said.

Jennifer Lippert

, an eighth-grade student at Talmadge Middle School.

Lippert is a member of student council and helped coordinate a school assembly to raise funds for medical needs. She is also excels in mathematics and goes to Central High School daily for Algebra II lessons.

"Jennifer is a very mindful student who is determined to do her best in everthing she does," her teachers said.

Haley Gowen

, a fourth-grade student at Henry Hill Elementary School.

Gowen was honored by her teachers for her "exemplary citizenship", her involvement in school activities and a willingness to help others in the classroom.

"She has demonstrated willingness to learn from others as well as sharing what she knows is right, by behaving in that manor," her teachers said.

Kevin Stevens

, a fourth-grade student at Independence Elementary School.

Stevens is among the first to volunteer for an activity, puts everthing he has into whatever he's asked to do and is "always considerate of everyone's feelings," his teachers said.

"He is a model and an inspiration to other students and teachers!"

Hannah Wilson

, a sophmore at Central High School.

Wilson volunteers her time with students at Monmouth Elementary School and is part of the Central's award winning jazz choir.

She's among the state's top 20 runners in the 3,000 meter event in track and field, is a member of the International Club and is helping to create the class of a mural for the CHS class of 2005.

Megan Chappell

, a senior at Central High School.

Chappell is a member of the Central varsity girls soccer and softball teams, and has earned a 4.0 grade average during each of her four years at the school.

A member of the National Honor Society and International Club, Chappell wrote a story about her trip to Washington D.C. for President Bush's inauguration that was published in the Statesman Journal newspaper.

Juan Carlos Maldonado

, a senior at Western Oregon University.

Maldonado is a Spanish and psychology major at Western, and recently helped found the college's Spanish Club. A member of the Multicultural Student Union, he's been involved in the planning of the Dia De Los Muertos celebrations and the annual MSU powwow.

Before coming to Western, he raised money for Hispanic Scholarships with Chemeketa Community College's Juntos Club.

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